Monday, November 7, 2011

Goodbye, Paraguay!

Luke wearing shirt made in Paraguay

Luke and Elder Radmall and their new companion, Elder Meneses

Baptism of Carmen Roa - Nov. 6, 2011

November 7, 2011

WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL BIG NEWS!!!! We had a baptism!!! of Carmen Roa, which was very special! I got to baptize her. The spirit was so strong and after the ordinance Elder Radmall and I sang ¨A Child’s Prayer¨ in Spanish. Also big news is that my last companion and the missionary who will take my place is Elder MENESES! I was so happy to hear this change. He was one of my favorite companions and now I am with him again. He is such a great missionary and person. These last few days I have been almost in tears so many times just talking to Elder Meneses. I feel like he is a brother to me. I feel that strong bond and think that I will feel torn when I leave here. I just hope I don't cry. I love him so much. We have been through so much together and now we have officially had a baptism (FINALLY) together, haha. I love Paraguay and the people. I feel like my heart is being split in two.

Well to get ahold of Anne you can look at my old phone, if the numbers are still on it.

The picture SDC12382.JPG should be sent to Elder Cahoon.

I am a little worried about work after the mission. What have you been thinking about? I would like to hear your feedback. But I will be hearing it in person, which is really weird to think about. I would LOVE to have a job where I can speak in Spanish.

I love you guys so much. With love and CARIÑO. See you this week!


Elder Lucas Kenneth Rodgers