Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Elder Lucas Rodgers and Elder Matt Vance

Elder Rodgers name tag

Elder Rodgers and Companion Elder Jolley

Elder Rodgers and his District

Elder Rodgers MTC (photo)

Our Canadian at the MTC (photo)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29, 2009

Wow, so much has happened in the past week!!
But first I will start with your questions. That picture was taken after the surgery and it was at Peters, I believe. It was June-ish but not 100% sure.
I got my drivers license and my Visa and I activated it and took $40 out. So see how things work from your side of things.
OK! Now its my turn. haha. So now we have had Elder Holland, Elder Oaks, Elder Anderson, and Elder Perry. Elder Parry was here for Christmas Day and Elder Anderson was here the Tuesday before. I got front row with Elder Anderson.
(Oh you told me that I spelled "Christ" wrong and "Christmas". Let me explain two things. 1. in Spanish the ¨H¨s are not pronounced, e.g., Hola is pronounced "ola" and 2. +---Jesus Christ is spelled Jesucristo.

I got my travel plans. They are as follows:
12:10 pm leave SLC
3:45 pm arrive in Dallas Ft. Worth

7:35 pm leave Dallas Ft. Worth
9:05 am arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina

10:10 pm leave Buenos Aires
10:50 pm arrive in Asuncion, Paraguay

Now if you look close, we have a 13 hour lay over in Buenos Aires!!
so that will be interesting. So I am going to call from either Dallas or Buenos Aires. I would like to call from Dallas but we are not there for too long, but it is cheaper. So dearelder me and tell me your opinion. I will buy some calling cards while I am here.

I really enjoy getting letters on how you guys are doing. I'm getting excited to get to Paraguay and to be immersed in Spanish. For that will be a great way to learn the language. In the R.C. I made some calls in Spanish. I soon realized how much more I need to learn in Spanish haha. But I am not worried. Our teachers are great. I will miss the MTC but it will be good to get out to the field. I got a letter from the Cree´s. Tell them thank you for me. I love being here and I love the feeling of understanding people when they talk in Spanish. I have learned so much, I am slowly starting to be able to get my point across through talking and it is a great feeling. Well I still have about 13 min so I will check back, and if I have any more to write I will have time to do so.

Love Elder Lucas Rodgers

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 22, 2009

¿Como Esta?
Well two weeks till Paraguay! Starting to get more excited!! Well Visa card is coming in the mail, I am expecting to get it within the next few days. Everything is good here. I sent 2 memory cards home, one with no pictures that I got mixed up on and the other one that has them in it. So I don´t know what will happen with those or if you have gotten them already.

I have a message for Austin if he is still in town. If you could send him this message ¨Jenni has a hat of mine and if you could get it and bring it when he comes that would be great!, and the memory cards if they made it there¨. Well Matt is in his mission field, (that was fast). Pero, Ésta Bien. I got a letter from the Cree´s. Thank them for that from me. And a dearelder from Grandma and Grandpa Rodgers. I can´t wait to update them with all the things that are going on here. So much has happened. Me and Elder Jolley have been following up with Kristin and we committed her to going to church and we are trying to get ahold of her to see how it was. She was telling us about a ¨dream¨ she was having. SDhe was feeling that she was being led down a dark hallway by Christ and she felt lost and confused, She had read up to 1 Nefi 6. Last Friday, the first thing that popped into my mind was 1 Nefi 8 when Lehi was lost and confused being led by a man in white robes in a mist of darkness. She loved that and said that is was exactly what she was seeing every time she prayed about either the Book of Mormon, or what we had told her. Man, ¡¡¡La Iglasia Es Verdada!!!

Well Christmas in 3 days haha, well all I have to say is that I gave you a Christmas present on November 4th. haha. And I keep forgetting to write it but mom I hope you found something I left for you in the big map in the car. I forgot about it. But if you can find it, there is something there for you. I can´t wait to open the Christmas present.

It being Christmas time we are having one of the first presidency coming to speak to us either, President Monson or president Uchtdorf. They don´t tell us but all I know is that I was waiting 2 hours for Elder Holland so I will be waiting for a while.

In one of your letters you said you need a photocopy of my Social insurance number, passport, birth certificate. I only have my S.S.N. because the travel office took my passport. They called me down and had me give it to them. So I may be able to go and get a copy. but I will need a fax number to send it to.

I am kind of jealous of people who are going to a place where sending and receiving mail is not a problem. But I know that as soon as I get there, I will love it. I will be buying a calling card and calling from the airport. Another thing is I can use regular Visa card here so make sure to check that account. I have only taken out $20 so its not too bad.

My companion said that he is happy being here for Christmas because all the temples are closed and this is probably the next sacred place where we could be for Christmas. So I really enjoy this time I have to be here. And Iknow that I will have to miss 2 Christmases some time, so lets get the first one out of the way.

I love you guys and I want to send my love to everyone there. Christmas is a time of giving, and that is what we do here. We serve. I love it here. My District is awesome and our teachers are just as awesome. I love the chance to serve the Lord. A quote I saw here and now love is ¨Missionary (noun) Someone who leaves their family for a short period of time, so that others, can be with their family for eternity¨. I love this church, I love the chance I have to serve the Lord in his great work. The gift of tongues is real!. I love you guys.

Love Elder Lucas Rodgers

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 15,2009

¿Comó esta?
Well, doing lessons in English is no more. Everything is now in español, pero, está bien. I got the (Christmas) package yesterday night so I have to wait a while to open it haha. está bien. So guess who is here, who I forgot would be here Taylor Cahoon. I have run into him a bunch, he has his meals the same time as I do so that’s cool. Umm sending a package home. I just need David´s address, and phone number, and my branch pres. will deliver it. I haven´t had a chance to call Visa but I will try to today. What do I need to ask them for? Well I can tell its good that I am not in Alberta, pero, I can´t tell the temp in ºC because everything is in ºF so. haha Spanish is pretty good and I can tell the gift of tounges is verdad. haha. We have a lot of miracles here and learning to teach and rely on the spirit. On Sunday I gave a talk in Español. Llet me give a little backgound. every week we are given a topic to write a talk on something, and everyweek they call up two missionaries to give a talk. But you don´t know that you are giving a talk until they say ¨We would like to hear first from Elder-Sister and then from Elder-Sister¨ So I heard my name and then had to go up haha, but it was all good (Está Bien) Not much has changed. The food gets old but its alright. I have heard bad things about the orange juice so I don´t have it that often. I sent a memory card home but I think I might have sent the wrong one haha. so sorry about that. Well I am leaving some time here to respond later today.

Love , Elder Lucas Rodgers

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Elder Rodgers and Jolley

Elder Rodgers' first companion in the MTC. Elder Jolley is the district leader.

Elder Rodgers and ElderTravis Johnson

Two Foothills Stake missionaries in the MTC

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How is Calgary? Everything is great here. I'm glad you got those pictures. I love the letters from home and thank you for those. That sounds like that could work. I had some exciting news that I forgot to write last week. Elder Holland and Elder Oaks came and spoke!! It was amazing. And me and my companion did the sacrament in Spanish a little while ago. The R.C. has been really great this past while. Me and my companion got to teach the first two lessons the other day. It was a two hour conversation the second day. Everything that we said and asked questions about she responded with "That makes sense" or "No questions". There was one point when she asked us what the next step was after she prayed and read 3rd Nephi 11 and Moroni 10:4-5 and she actually read more than that! This is the gospel of happiness. This is that path that people are looking for. I am so excited to learn more and to be able to share it with others that are looking for it.
We are starting to do all our lessons in Spanish, so we are working on that. I am sending my memory card home and a little tape that I am recording on, I can only record on P-days so that is today. I will be sending it home today. We are going to the temple today so that is going to be great. Matt is here I have seen him every once and a while. But I still am not getting mail from my friends? haha. oh well. I enjoy reading the letters sent on Dear Elder, I Got a letter from Aunt. Kay and I really enjoyed reading it and knowing the cat is doing okay. Those pictures that I sent; The Zone leaders, that picture was taken on the night before they left they are now in Nicaragwa... or however you spell it. We had another set after them but they are gone to San Fernando, and now the Zones are in our district, Elder Condie and Elder Buchanan, They are the other companionship in our room.
Well Dad I came across some people that are going to Anaheim CA. Mission, and I have also come across some people going there speaking Spanish, so it seems that the church is growing there :).
Whenever I wear the Canadian tie I always end up running in to other Canadians. weird right? haha.
We met a native Paraguayan and started talking to him for a while. He is really cool. There is a picture with me and him on the memory card.
Its good to hear that the Flames are doing well! Not many people here are into hockey.
Well talk to David, I don't know that could work. see what his schedule is like. Or you could even have him write me haha! See if any of the Frenches could. I don't think it would be too long to send and receive letters to BYU campus than to Calgary. Well I have about 6 min. left so I will save that so check for replies.
I love you guys. and I am thankful for everything that you have taught me. It has all come in handy here and I can see the significance of it.

Love Elder Lucas Rodgers

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1, 2009

Well I’m sorry to say but those pictures didn't work. They won't open on this program. umm for the X-box I think it is around 250(ish) and yes that stand is included. Well some exciting things happened in the past week. I was in the R.C. and I was talking to someone about our church and they said they weren’t interested in converting, they we're pagan, but I set up another appointment with them to teach the next day, but they didn't show up. I am probably going to be trying to print of some more pictures today. The MTC is pretty great. Matt Vance comes in tomorrow, so that is what I am looking forward to haha, Spanish is coming slowly but steadily, starting to learn how to teach the first lesson in Español so that will be great. We are singing hymns in Español and praying in Español so things are changing. I have met some other people that are going to Paraguay. There are quite a few haha, I can´t think of anything that I need right now, I haven´t tried getting that money out of the account because I still have a lot in my wallet for now. I have a question about my suit, there is a small tear by the shoulder and I know that there is a 2 year warranty on it. It is not anything noticeable but if there is a chance of fixing it maybe you could send me the steps to do that. If not I know that I won´t be using it too much in Paraguay.

I got the Canadian package thanks alot!! I love it. Our district is so small right now with only seven elders. (Elder Richins, Elder Clark, Elder Shirk, Elder Jolley, Elder Rodgers, Elder Buchanan, Elder Condie) Elder Buchanan and Elder Condie are the new Zone Leaders.

I had a funny experience in Spanish yesterday with the teacher haha. We were talking to him in Español as if he was an investigator, when I went to say ¨We have a short message for you¨ I accidentally said, ¨We have a short massage for you.¨ He soon corrected me haha. But our teachers are great, they are easy going and are focused on making sure that they have the spirit when they teach. If we get unfocused he will have us sing a hymn again (but that has only happened once).

Well that is pretty sweet about Pres....Brother Craig, I never would have guessed Young Men’s. So its winter there, here it is only ¨Cold¨ but the pea jacket makes it okay haha, Thats a shame about the Grey Cup. You’re right, they didn´t deserve it haha. Along with family´s email if you have it could I get some mailing addresses? But it is not a big deal, so if you can’t find them, or can’t find all of the addresses, don´t worry about it. Besides when I get to Paraguay, email will probably be the quickest way to communicate.

If you have any questions feel free to respond, I have about 9 min. remaining so I can use that time to reply until 6 PM.

With Love- Elder Rodgers

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 24, 2009

Hola! Padre Y Madre
This is the right address, and yes I can print out. It costs a little bit but is not bad. Well I got that package yesterday, so I guess some food can be send across the border. :) It was very well thought out haha. And it seemed to work. The MTC is great. I sent a letter with some pictures home. I will send more but as you can tell with thousands of missionaries that would be kind of hard. (and only one machine that takes my memory card) When you get the money from Spencer could you send it to me so I have emergency money for when I am flying. We are losing 4 Elders in my district. They are flying to the Dominican Republic to finish their MTC experience which is pretty sweet.
I think I mentioned some time that I want to mail some things home because they are not going to be of use to me in Paraguay. That removable hard drive of mine I left in your room, However, I don't think you can use it that way. I don't think you can transfer pictures like that.
Well that is a shame about the Stampeders, but I still have hope for the Flames.
Keep me updated. :) Hockey is not a big thing down here compared to baseball/college football.
I got a letter from Grandma except it was addressed "Dear Andrew" but I didn't really mind. See if you can get other family to use that system. It is great, and I bought a small little address book so have them send addresses, so I can respond. Or you send me addresses.
So how is the weather there? It is starting to get cold here but it is not as bad as Canada, and being the only Canadian, I am the only one not complaining, haha.
Well the MTC is great. I'm learning a lot and we are teaching a lot. Today, of course being P-day, we're going to the temple, and during class with HMO Cleek we got into some really deep stuff. Its awesome! I’m learning a lot for myself. How’s my visa coming along? We can only write letters on P-Day and send emails up to 6:00 pm but through Dearelder I can receive them any day of the week. I got a brand new set of scriptures in Spanish and I got "Elder Rodgers" written on them, and you will be able to tell by one of the pictures I sent. Well I am writing this while waiting for my clothes in the dryer haha. I have some district pictures that I am going to send. But I have a request if you can find it buy a Canadian tie, or a red and white one. We Canadians are surprisingly a very small minority. During a fireside with Stephen B. Allen (missionary director) he had all missionaries stand up where they were from and there were only a handful of Canadians. Also on that, on Sundays missionaries are to wear their suit all day long and during firesides and devotionals it can get so warm and uncomfortable, but he allowed us to take them off and he gave a great message about the restoration and the blessings that have come from it. We also had Bishop Edgely from the Presiding Bishopric and he is from Raymond. When he said he was from Alberta I got a big smile haha. Well I hope to hear back from you guys and Grandma and Grandpa Rodgers.

Love Elder Lucas Rodgers

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17, 2009


Well, I am jealous that you got to hear Elder Richard Scott, but I will let you know that for American Thanksgiving Elder Holland is coming here :) haha. Well I am loving it here, my companion is Elder Jolley from Salem, Utah, and together we form the Jolley Rodgers haha. There is a place here called the Referral Center. If someone calls the number on the back of a pass- along card it goes to the R.C. or if people use the chat system on we get it there, so on days when we have MDT (missionary directed time) w can go there. The first day we were there I was chatting with an inactive lady and she was wanting to go back to church. (she had not gone since she was baptized) So we talked for a while and I told her of a website that she can find the closest church and I committed her to going to church on Sunday :) and yesterday me and my companion taught the 1st lesson to some other missionaries and the spirit was so strong. So I am already praying in Spanish (W/o notes) contacting (W/ notes), testifying (getting better) in Espanol :). My schedule is breakfast, classroom instruction, lunch, classroom instruction, dinner classroom instruction haha. But Gym is scheduled at different places throughout the day at different times on different days. Our district has two teachers Hermano Cleek and Hermana Pace. The other classroom instruction is MDT. Sunday is great. We have a fireside then we can watch a church film. This past Sunday we watched a movie about Joseph smith, and Sherry Dew spoke. I am going to have a strange request because I am the only Canadian in my district and I think zone. I would request a package full of Canadian things, maple syrup, anything that is acceptable. But I want it to be soooo Canadian that it will stick out in a crowd, you could ask Austin to help you, I'm sure he would be willing. I want it to just shout CANADA (figuratively) flags I want something Pro-Canadian!! please!! haha. (any questions write me back asap, 6:00 is too late, p. day is over) I will be sending pictures home right away hopefully, and have my friends write me. It is starting to get cold here, but is far from Canadian Weather.

Well I Love you guys and I want you to know that I am having a great time here! I know I am going to miss it, but I know Paraguay will be that much better :) I still have 7 min.s today so I hope to hear back from you today.

Love Elder Lucas Rodgers

Saturday, November 14, 2009

November 10, 2009

Hola Mom Dad, Everyone, How are you all doing? The MTC is great but I will have to make this quick because my first letter got erased so I only have a little whyile to write, The MTC, is great The Spirit is so strong, We are already starting to talk in spanish, and pray. The days are great, My Companion is elder Jolley, Which is funny because that is the name of the person I weas conversing with bufore my mission, Our district is made up of 12 elders 8 going to paraguay and 4 doing to the domican Republic, If you have questions to ask feel free to write any time either this address or (you have toy pick MTC for the mission right now) The food is great here and the people are awesome, I really can't wait to hear from everyone and see how everyone is doing. well now its my turn to ask questions (well figurtivly speaking), How are you guys doing? Hows calgary, Keep me posted and i will with you, but for toight our district (which is awesome!) is going to the provo temple :). So that will be exciting. I can't wait. My companion is tha district leader.
Well I don't have much time left as I stated earlier so i will conclude, I can't wait to hear from everyone, Dear elder Is great because i ger letters so fast that way. well I hope to hear back from everyone soon!!!! Adios!!!

-Elder Lucas Rodgers

Tuesday, October 13, 2009