Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8, 2010

Hola Familia!
Well it has been a good week. We have been teaching some great people. We expect to have about 4 people at church this Sunday that are good investigators. This is my last full week in this change before transfers, so there bay be a change after this week. So this is my last for sure week with Elder Hanchett.
And now for your questions. Yes, in that picture it is a cat just born. And the bananas came from the back yard and my companion baptized Gabriela and I baptized Victor. I have their names but I left it in my house. Sorry! And right now he has the Aaronic priesthood. Our house is about an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. I have seen some houses that look like sheds. Our house is pretty good. Our house is three rooms - our study room, then our beds are one room over, then the last room is our kitchen and our bathroom. We don’t really have a floor its kinda dirt. We bleach our water. I have had no problems with electricity. I have everything that works. There are times when we don’t have any power in our house, then we can’t get our fans going and it gets really hot.
I have a couple things to add to that package that you are sending. An iPod cable so that I can add some more music that I got from my comp’s music player, those “Who is your Hero” cards that I had above my door when I left - the ones with pictures of people in the book of Mormon.
Don’t worry about the pouch. Just use the regular address that you have sent those past letters. That address will always get to me. I haven’t figured our Dear elder but all I know is that it takes a while to get to me. I will be getting my mail at District meeting tomorrow. And also the office elders are sending you a copy of my passport in the mail. So keep me informed. I had my first fast Sunday here. We have permission to drink water just because it is so hot. And the people can not sing. Sacrament meeting is painful during the hymns.

Well I love you guys thanks for you support.
Love you guys
Élder Rodgers

((the pictures with the banana split were from today and I found them kind of funny))

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