Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28, 2010

Hola familia!
Well we had a good week. Nothing exciting happened, nothing out of the ordinary. That’s cool you talked to Elder Peterson. That all really sounds familiar about the things he wanted haha. You can’t find a lot of things here that are readily available at home. Just last week I found peanut butter and have been eating peanut butter sandwiches, haha. One thing that is cheap and there is a lot of are noodles, also any kind of sauce like mac and cheese sauce (like you mentioned a few weeks ago). I was thinking back of when I was in the MTC, and I remember seeing Brother and Sister Bishop driving in their truck out of the parking lot. I tried shouting at them but to no avail, and I remember seeing a few other people from the stake.
People here have been asking me a question but I don't have the answer for it. Why is the symbol for Canada a leaf? Send me something on that, and if you could set up an email account for me, through hotmail or gmail that I can give the address to the people here, my converts or good friend, so we can keep in contact. It should be something like Lrodgers or Erodgers, something simple (doesn’t need to be one of those). I don't know if we still have it but could you look for the music that we had for the play Moroni. There was a song that I would love to hear again, ¨Oh, Ye Fair Ones¨ and the other ones. If you could look into that, Those church DVD, VHS do not exist here haha.
I got a letter from Sister Nietz and she asked if I knew a certain family from Asuncion. Ask her if they had a son that served in Columbia. If so then my companion knows them. The son served in Colombia and met the family of Elder Alvarez. Then in this mission they kept in touch and he and his dad came to see Elder Alvarez one Sunday. I was talking to the dad in English because he is always in the states and can speak English. He said that the sister missionary that brought his family the gospel was from Calgary, so see what she says. It’s the same last name.
There are a bunch of pictures that I am sending, I got the pictures that you sent of the wildflowers and decided to send some of the scenic shots that I have from here. Thank you for all you do for me. I love this time I have to be here in Paraguay. I am learning so much, I love the gospel and I love my Savior.

Love, Elder Rodgers

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