Monday, January 18, 2010

January 18. 2010

Hola Familia,

How are you guys doing? Let me answer your questions. I will try to answer all of them. I don’t have my passport. It is in the office but I told them that you guys needed a photocopy and they have your email. I am thinking about my future education. I have been thinking about it. There is not too much problems with the priesthood in my ward. The ward is fairly small. Oh and Kennedy. Is not really an official city, they don’t even have addresses, street names, anything. It's so hard finding people because the only information that is taken is something like - house by the green gates and the Gonzalez family. Well town/village. It is close to a town called San Lorenzo and one called Capiata and about an hour away from Asuncion Here is the best information I can give you. On Google Earth_ Latitude (Y): -25.401065 Longitude (X):-57.482786. That is the location of our church. I hope that helps. You may be able to find it on the website.
The food is different. I haven’t found anything that is too revolting but it is different. A lot of it is really good though. I haven’t gotten sick and am doing just fine. The sun is too hot. I heard about what happened in Haiti. We were stopping to get a sandwich and they had a T.V. on and that was on breaking news. Wow, it was startling.
I will be trying to send pictures of everything I had 10 pictures ready to send but then it said my email was too big.
Dad I have a question for you. My companion’s dad served in California. Can you send me your mission name and the dates when you served?
But, big news. We had a baptism on Saturday. Their names were Gabriela and Victor. It was awesome! We had to travel to Asuncion that morning for a special interview for Gabriela and got back around 5:30 (p.s. there is a 4 hour time difference right now) then had a marriage (because they are 18 and have a daughter). Then a powerful baptism. Man it was great. It was a great experience. But my companion had the baptism date set up before I got in the area.
For my teaching experiences, I usually read a scripture and explain it or bear my testimony. But they can usually understand me so that is good.
I am having trouble sending pictures again but I am seeing what I can do. I will be sending my memory card home when it is full. I have room for 100 more pictures so it will come. I’m sorry I wish it would work over the internet because I have pictures of my baptism. But I love you and can’t wait to read your next email. Please forgive me if I missed a question. I have been rushed because we only get a certain amount of time each day. The Church is true.
Con Amor,
Élder Lucas Rodgers

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