Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010

Hola Familia,
How are you guys doing? Man, we had an interesting week. A lot of rain and humidity but that’s okay but the other day I fell in the mud twice so I am glad that that is over. All our roads are dirt save a couple main roads. So when it rains and the streets turn into small mud rivers it makes the statement, ¨I will go where you want me to go¨ come true haha.
Well we worked with our mission leader this week for an hour. That was good. And we are trying to work on a ward mission plan. We are not sure what is happening with the lady who had a baptism date but we have one for the 15 of March and some people that are really cool that we are teaching.
I told the bishop here that I can play the piano because they didn’t have any one to do that. But the week I went to go play there was a lady that did it so I am just waiting. If they need someone to play, I can.
I can relate to Brother Webster a bit. Our bathroom is so small, but it has a door. But I can say for a fact that I have forgotten what carpet is, well, the chapel that we go to for zone conference has it but that was for only one day. Spanish is coming slowly. I have to say it is a great feeling to be able to understand people and to read and understand. I can’t read fluently but I can usually get the point.
One of the members told us that part of the reason it is so hot here is that there are 3 small thin areas in the ozone layer above Paraguay because of all the pollution.
I don’t mean to attack the Calgary mission about baptisms but the mission goal here is 300 for March. And each month it goes up, last month it was 250
And Dad, thank you for the quotes. I love reading them. They really help 
Tell grandma and grandpa thank you for the letters. And I will be sending replies. I just don’t have too much time. But I will make sure the replies are sent off ASAP.
Well thank you for your support. It is wonderful to be able to walk with a purpose for 2 years, because, I only have 2 years.
I love being here and thank you for all your support
Con Amor,
Élder Rodgers

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