Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20, 2010

Hola Familia!
We had to move out of the chapel house today, so we are in another house........... but I think we are safe here from having to move again and I don't want to move! haha. I haven't gotten any packages, nothing interesting. This week we have been working in the newer parts of our area, they are farther away from the chapel and that means it’s harder to bring people to church.
(Just as a side note, something that is really interesting, there is a man in this “ceber” (a place to access the internet) and he is chatting with someone using a microphone and headphones. He is talking in Dutch! It’s really funny. Dutch is such a funny language. )
Another thing, Élder Wendorff has a package that he is going to take home with him for me and he will pass through Calgary. If you guys could go to the airport to get the package it would be great. He will get into Calgary at 1:45 Dec 28 from Dallas, and leaves at 3:00ish to Lethbridge so if you go about 2:00 you should be able to find him. I don’t have a flight number.
For garments get half L and half XL shirts, and pants all L. I have been trying to get a hold of the distribution center but have been having troubles. I will try to have more information by Saturday.
Luckily I read this missionary story about a month ago. I was going through a few Ensigns. I really loved the story.
You have probably seen the temperature here but it has been over 30º!! This is one of the hottest areas of our mission!
One more thing that Élder Lucas told me- he has more that 20 brothers and sisters. He gets lots of letters from people. If you want, some of the family can send me emails, and I will just respond in my letter to you guys. I have never gotten a letter from Jel or anyone, so if they want to, just have them send an email and then check the blog on Monday.
Thanks for everything.
your son. Élder Lucas Rodgers

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