Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

Well, how’s it going family?
We didn't have any baptisms this week but we are planning on it this week (we are going to be praying for them). We have been having a tough time because as of right now our house is really only a room, nothing else, and now there are two other elders living with us so we live 4 elders in a room...... and sleep on 3 beds that are put together... at least we have air conditioning.
Something cool that happened. We had a training meeting from Presidente Madariaga and all the elders from Pedro Juan Caballero, Yby Yau and Horqueta. It was a 2 day thing. We were taught about something that the first presidency has come out with -¨Fundamental Principles¨. There are 8 of them:

1) The doctrine of Christ, The missionary purpose
2) The role of the Holy Ghost in conversion
3) Revelation through the Book of Mormon
4) Revelation through prayer
5) Revelation through assistance at church
6) Teach people not lessons
7) We invite, they commit, we verify
8) How to begin teaching

So we had a seminar of 2 days, 8-12 in the morning to teach us these. After the first section the elders from P.J.C. did divisions with us. I got to do a division with Elder Shirk who came with me and was in my district. One thing that they teach us is that we need to kneel down in EVERY lesson. One day later I did a division with Elder Anderson and we visited a family, doing contacts that were catholic. The husband kept telling us that he wasn't baptized in the way Jesus Christ was baptized because that is impossible nowadays and that he wants to follow Christ but he can only do it 75% of the way. It was a little awkward but after the lesson we asked to do a prayer kneeling down and he became very offended, saying ¨Jesus Christ would NEVER kneel¨ and he said that in Matthew (somewhere) that we must NEVER kneel. So Elder Anderson shared the scripture when Christ was performing the Atonement and he threw himself on the ground to pray. But this man would not accept that Christ would kneel. His defense was that when Christ was on the cross he prayed with arms open. We told him that in that situation it was impossible to kneel but he could not accept our opinion. That next morning I read Psalms 95:6 and knew that our teaching was true.
Well it is true about the temple. If I go these changes I will have to find a special way to get permission to go to the temple. Like I said before I will have 6 months and I don't want to leave yet. The other elders have been going to the temple. Elder Arzate went to the temple on Thursday.
OHHH we had the baptism of Nilsa. I had the privilege of performing her baptism. President Madariaga was there and gave a talk. It was really special to hear. During the baptism we were in the water and I couldn't get the right words out of my mouth. I don't know what happened. I know those words inside and out in Spanish but in the end it was very beautiful - the baptism. She gave her testimony in Guarani after and I could understand almost everything. It was a good day (the same day as the divisions, so I was with Elder Shirk).
I have been reading “Jesus the Christ”, and trying to do it every day. It is a hard task but it helps you understand SOO much, and so much clearer and helps you build your faith that Jesus is the Christ. That is really helping my testimony get stronger and stronger. I am looking forward to this weekend when we get to listen to our leaders and receive their counsel.
Last Monday when we were coming back from Asunción we passed though Emboscada and I took pictures. I stayed awake long enough to pass through.
Well, I love you all so much and always pray for you.
Love Elder Lucas Rodgers

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