Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011

Hola Familia!!!!
Well how are you guys doing!? Swell?
SO we got some news! We had changes and what’s going on is................................. are you in suspense???? I would be too..............I'm staying! With Elder Meneses. But we have a little problem... that Meneses is sick and in Asuncion. He left Friday morning and was thinking he would come back Saturday or Sunday. What happened is that he had a hernia a long time ago and they stitched it up, a long time ago, and just barely he was feeling a little ball under the scar. We didn't know what it was. We were telling him that he had to call someone, Sister Lucas or Sister Madariaga. He was very reluctant to do so, so one day after district meeting he called Sister Lucas and she told him something like ¨good thing that you told us now because if you would have waited it might have gotten worse¨. She said that he had to go to Asuncion that week to see the doctor and see if he needed surgery or an operation. So he left Thursday (we started talking to Sister Lucas on Tuesday) and on Saturday the doctor said they would have the results on Monday so we are going to be waiting for them to see what is happening with my companion. But I really hope that Elder Meneses can come back. It would be really weird having someone else. (It’s interesting that I am thinking that way because it will be our 3rd change together and that is a little weird, especially because it is the 3rd time it has happened to me.) The last thing that we heard is that Elder Meneses has to stay in Asuncion for 10 more days at least and has to take pills to see if goes away so during that time. I don't know what will happen with us. There may be another little special change but I will be here and finishing my 5th change in Concepcion!!
Some things that you can put in the package to send: Tide to go, Macaroni and cheese sauce, ties. I will be sending a memory card soon. You guys should send the memory card to me but put some pictures on it first. Another notice - I never got that Guarani-English Dictionary. I have a couple Guarani-Spanish ones but I'm kinda worried that it will never come... :( That letter from Elder Bishop I just got this week, so it's good to know it takes an eternity to get to me. But whatcha gonna do.
I know about the Referral Center. Elder Jolley and I had a great experience in there. There was a lady that we invited to go to church in New York and she went about 2 times and started talking to the missionaries there. I still have her number and so I will try calling her when I am able to do that after my mission to see if she was baptized. But this experience was truly amazing and one I can never forget.
I'm not sure if it says on the thermometer but it is cooling down a lot here and we are slowly entering into winter. We were playing volleyball with the zone today thinking about the old times when during mid summer we were out in the scorching sun during the siesta, about 11-12-1 in the afternoon, playing sports and how that was SO HOT. I have never experienced heat like this before when you think you could black out and it hurts your head. But it will all be better now that heat is not coming back (hopefully...)
Mom, Dad, the miracles and blessings that we are receiving these days are amazing. The blessings of the Lord always come when we keep the commandments so let’s keep them and stay safe. It is a really easy decision but the follow-through requires faith, which is an action. So let us ¨cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed.¨

I know the gospel is true. Every time I have the chance to testify it strengthens my own testimony. Our testimonies are the things that if we give it, we get more. There are very few things that have that same equation. Another equation is Fo=M. F=Faith, O= Obedience, M= Miracles. The more obedient, the more faith we have and the more miracles will come.
I love you all and I am continuing praying for you. May the Lord bless you all.
Love, Elder Lucas Rodgers
P.S. Good Luck on your Cancun visit. I was talking with some of the other elders and I really want to go on a cruise to one of these places because I can speak to the people in Spanish and understand what they are saying. Take pictures for me and take care.

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