Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011

Hey Family!
Well we had a good week but we are officially in WINTER!!! Wow it has been cold. I have had three layers of pant and about 4 layers of shirts/jackets. But it is all good. We can now enjoy hot chocolate in JUNE/JULY. But for me it feels normal. I feel Paraguayo haha. This week something funny happened. I lost my voice! That is the worst thing that can happen to a missionary and it was during a division with Elder Walker in his area, haha. So it was a training division and I couldn’t talk... jaja. But I learned a lot from him although almost nobody could understand me. It really sucked because I really wanted to talk to people and I couldn’t! Then of course, the next day I got it back more fully.
Saturday our branch president asked us to give talks, so that was fun. I have gotten soo used to giving talks here. I talked about the story of Moses and the serpents that the Lord sent and how there were many people who did not believe that something so small could do something like save them. And all they had to do was look, move their heads! But something that I can’t believe is that they didn’t look. Like when Alma was preaching to the poor and after relating about how to plant the seed, he quoted Zenos, Zenoc and Moses about how Christ was to come because the Zoramite apostates were preaching that there would not be a Christ. So Alma had to touch this topic in Alma 33:19-21 when he is talking about Moses and how “no creyeron que los sanaría” (not believe that it would save them) and v.21. It is something soo small to do - just look to Christ, read the scriptures, pray and go to church. There is no better formula and there is no other formula. In my personal study I was reading Alma 34 and wow it is full of good stuff! It is a chapter worth study!
That’s awesome to hear that Jer.....Elder Fernandez is going on his mission!!! Send him my congratulations.
Yes, that is the song that I was looking for. Thanks a lot! “All ye Fair Ones” you sent when you sent my iPod, but I was only the music. It would be great to have a copy with words and music if that is possible.
Thanks for everything. Paraguay is awesome. I love it here. It is only lacking snow! Haha, JUST KIDDING!!!! The mission, I don’t regret it. It is the most difficult thing I have ever embarked to do but I do not wish for anything else. The Church is true !!!
Love from afar!
Elder Lucas Rodgers

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