Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4, 2011

Hola Familia!

Greetings from the cold P.J.C.

We had a very interesting week! It has been soo COLD!! haha. I think that it has dropped below zero! Also it gets very foggy out. It’s crazy! And the craziest thing is that we are going to be getting changes today or tomorrow! It DOES NOT feel like 6 weeks have passed by and I will admit it scares me.... but we are working great together! We had one of our investigators, Ramon, tell us that he accepted our invitation to be baptized and was asking questions about baptism and what it is about, and how. I call it "The 5 W´s of baptism" (Who can do it, where does it need to be done, when will we do it, why is it necessary, what is it for?). He doesn’t really have a testimony right now, so we are working on that, trying to help him find his testimony. One of his doubts is that he wants to go with his wife, but his wife gets bored. haha She likes churches where there is dancing, yelling, singing, praising things, very exciting,......(like Christ did in The Bible... I guess haha).

Another thing that happened is that my district is having A LOT of problems. They are having a hard time getting along and always needing help. But I am doing what I can, what is in my grasp to help them.

Yesterday we had a family home evening with a family who are a little less active, but their sons are inactive, We watched the new "Joseph Smith, The Prophet of the Restoration" and man, I love that movie. It just goes to show that he really was a prophet, and shows the things that he went through. That just gives me a boost of energy whenever we have the opportunity to watch it. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. More than the spiritual witness from within, I know it is true. It just makes sense! Just read the Bible haha.

I have been studying continually El Libro de Mormon (O Livro de Mormon - en Portuguese) This morning I was reading Alma 42 and WOW it is full of things that are deep! The whole chapter is great but especially v.16-23 me encanta! The whole discourse that Alma gave to Corianton, his son, who was not the most faithful of missionaries so that his dad had to correct a few of his errors, then he gave a great talk about mercy and justice and how the atonement of Christ can feed both mercy and justice. It just makes so much sense through these scriptures. I love chapters 36 - 42 because they are the letters that Alma sent to his sons, and are worth our study. There are mixed topics and wonderful sermons.

That is a very awesome looking cake (at Ragan’s wedding). Jason’s dad sure knows how to make cakes. It looks more like a decoration than a dessert and I bet it would feel kinda bad cutting it haha.
Well I love you all and send my love! Thanks for everything.

Today we are having a bbq to commemorate the 4th of July. We have meat marinating as I write haha. Well, love you all!!!!

Love Elder Lucas Rodgers

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