Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17, 2009


Well, I am jealous that you got to hear Elder Richard Scott, but I will let you know that for American Thanksgiving Elder Holland is coming here :) haha. Well I am loving it here, my companion is Elder Jolley from Salem, Utah, and together we form the Jolley Rodgers haha. There is a place here called the Referral Center. If someone calls the number on the back of a pass- along card it goes to the R.C. or if people use the chat system on mormon.org we get it there, so on days when we have MDT (missionary directed time) w can go there. The first day we were there I was chatting with an inactive lady and she was wanting to go back to church. (she had not gone since she was baptized) So we talked for a while and I told her of a website that she can find the closest church and I committed her to going to church on Sunday :) and yesterday me and my companion taught the 1st lesson to some other missionaries and the spirit was so strong. So I am already praying in Spanish (W/o notes) contacting (W/ notes), testifying (getting better) in Espanol :). My schedule is breakfast, classroom instruction, lunch, classroom instruction, dinner classroom instruction haha. But Gym is scheduled at different places throughout the day at different times on different days. Our district has two teachers Hermano Cleek and Hermana Pace. The other classroom instruction is MDT. Sunday is great. We have a fireside then we can watch a church film. This past Sunday we watched a movie about Joseph smith, and Sherry Dew spoke. I am going to have a strange request because I am the only Canadian in my district and I think zone. I would request a package full of Canadian things, maple syrup, anything that is acceptable. But I want it to be soooo Canadian that it will stick out in a crowd, you could ask Austin to help you, I'm sure he would be willing. I want it to just shout CANADA (figuratively) flags I want something Pro-Canadian!! please!! haha. (any questions write me back asap, 6:00 is too late, p. day is over) I will be sending pictures home right away hopefully, and have my friends write me. It is starting to get cold here, but is far from Canadian Weather.

Well I Love you guys and I want you to know that I am having a great time here! I know I am going to miss it, but I know Paraguay will be that much better :) I still have 7 min.s today so I hope to hear back from you today.

Love Elder Lucas Rodgers

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  1. Elder Rodgers,
    Sounds like you already know without any doubt that you have made the right decision in deciding to serve the Lord in full capacity for the next two years. It is so great to your excitement and witness the great spirit that is within you. Enjoy your next couple of weeks in the MTC before you head south to Paraguay. Always remember your prayers wheteher they are in english or spanish, remember your Saviour always and all that he can do for you while on his most sacred errand. You will do well in the mission field as you open your heart and mind to the scriptures. Serve the people of Paraguay well and many, many lives will be blessed. Take care my friend and I will do my very best to send you and your companions some CANADA!

    Jeremy Lawson