Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 24, 2009

Hola! Padre Y Madre
This is the right address, and yes I can print out. It costs a little bit but is not bad. Well I got that package yesterday, so I guess some food can be send across the border. :) It was very well thought out haha. And it seemed to work. The MTC is great. I sent a letter with some pictures home. I will send more but as you can tell with thousands of missionaries that would be kind of hard. (and only one machine that takes my memory card) When you get the money from Spencer could you send it to me so I have emergency money for when I am flying. We are losing 4 Elders in my district. They are flying to the Dominican Republic to finish their MTC experience which is pretty sweet.
I think I mentioned some time that I want to mail some things home because they are not going to be of use to me in Paraguay. That removable hard drive of mine I left in your room, However, I don't think you can use it that way. I don't think you can transfer pictures like that.
Well that is a shame about the Stampeders, but I still have hope for the Flames.
Keep me updated. :) Hockey is not a big thing down here compared to baseball/college football.
I got a letter from Grandma except it was addressed "Dear Andrew" but I didn't really mind. See if you can get other family to use that system. It is great, and I bought a small little address book so have them send addresses, so I can respond. Or you send me addresses.
So how is the weather there? It is starting to get cold here but it is not as bad as Canada, and being the only Canadian, I am the only one not complaining, haha.
Well the MTC is great. I'm learning a lot and we are teaching a lot. Today, of course being P-day, we're going to the temple, and during class with HMO Cleek we got into some really deep stuff. Its awesome! I’m learning a lot for myself. How’s my visa coming along? We can only write letters on P-Day and send emails up to 6:00 pm but through Dearelder I can receive them any day of the week. I got a brand new set of scriptures in Spanish and I got "Elder Rodgers" written on them, and you will be able to tell by one of the pictures I sent. Well I am writing this while waiting for my clothes in the dryer haha. I have some district pictures that I am going to send. But I have a request if you can find it buy a Canadian tie, or a red and white one. We Canadians are surprisingly a very small minority. During a fireside with Stephen B. Allen (missionary director) he had all missionaries stand up where they were from and there were only a handful of Canadians. Also on that, on Sundays missionaries are to wear their suit all day long and during firesides and devotionals it can get so warm and uncomfortable, but he allowed us to take them off and he gave a great message about the restoration and the blessings that have come from it. We also had Bishop Edgely from the Presiding Bishopric and he is from Raymond. When he said he was from Alberta I got a big smile haha. Well I hope to hear back from you guys and Grandma and Grandpa Rodgers.

Love Elder Lucas Rodgers

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