Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26, 2010

Hola Familia! Como Esta!

Wow we had a great week. We worked hard and were blessed with a baptism, a really awesome girl who had turned 8 about a month ago and doesn't have parents. She lives with a family in the ward for about 3 years. Her name is Vanessa Gonzales I will be sure to send a picture. The picture last time was of Zulma, and her uncle who did the baptism and the confirmation. Well we had a great week as I said. Last week I saw my first tarantula and then 2nd a couple days later, and on Friday I saw Sister Sotelo kill a chicken by breaking its neck..... it was interesting haha.

Well, about Mothers Day, you will be calling me so whatever way you want to do it. It will be for an hour is what President said. We are going to be deciding what times we will be calling this week so I will update you next week.

I am having problems with my Ipod. I am stuck with a blank white screen. It has been like that for a while, I could still listen to music but now it is stuck on ¨Repeat one song¨ so that doesn't work. I have been thinking of ways to solve this problem. I could look for a music player here that has speakers or I know that the Ipod touch 8GB has speakers and would work for my dock or I could sent the Ipod home and see if you guys could fix it. Tell me what you think would be best.

Thanks for doing my tax return for me! Now I am just waiting on my PIN to come to me in the mail.

Well we are slowly entering into winter here. We have dropped out of the 30s and the 40s and are into the 20s but still wearing short-sleeved shirts most of the time.

That is really cool about the temple in Calgary! Please keep me updated with that.

Thanks for everything!! I will send updates with what time we will be calling next week!
Con Amor, Élder Rodgers

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