Sunday, April 4, 2010

March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010
Hola Familia!
How was your trip, that's really cool to hear that the spirit is so much stronger in the Church, The Inspiration that the spirit gives it wonderful isn't it!
We had two baptisms yesterday. It was really special, a girl and her mother. They are really cool people. Their names are Dominga (the mom) and Lorena (the girl). I will be sure to send pictures and to send pictures of the baptism of Trifi. We also have one planned for tomorrow. It is a really cool girl. She is 20 and when she was a child she got really sick and lost her hearing. Right now she cannot hear, and cannot read, and only speaks in bad Guarani, so the family helps us teach her. She can read lips (but only in Guarani). The whole family are strong members that we eat with on Sunday. But she has so much faith. She has faith that after her baptism that she will be able to have the opportunity to hear again. She comes to church even though she cannot hear. She is a big example of faith to us.
Well the end of the change is Wednesday which means I could have a different companion. I hope my next companion is a hard worker like Elder Hanchett. He has been a great comp. But it’s weird to think that I have been in Paraguay for about 3 months. Well thanks for all your love and support. The work is going great here. Zion is growing! Thanks for all your love and support.
Love Élder Rodgers
Con Amor

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