Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010

Hola Familia,
To start I forgot to write something in the letter I sent to the French’s. There is a blank word which is Leo´s name, (Leonhina).
Well we had a good week. We got to meet the new president!, He is really cool. I will send a photo that I took with him. That’s cool N. Peterson signed the package. There is an Elder Peterson in the office, so I will get it next week hopefully. I sent a letter home with a memory card in it so I hope it gets home safely.
We got a reference last week of two youth that wanted to come to the church and 2 days ago we went to meet them and one of the first things they said was,“ What do we have to do to be part of the church?” It was really cool. They thought that they were not allowed to enter the chapel. There is no sign that says visitors welcome. But yesterday they showed up at the church about 30-20 min early to look around. Tonight we are having a big family home evening activity with the branch. We are going to play soccer, games, and a video for the people that don’t want to play. We have lots of people invited, but we saw a sign today that said it was 6 degrees. We don’t believe it but it is cold so I hope all the people show up.
One package that you sent a while ago had three papers from the missionaries in our ward. One has a story but only the first page. It finishes, ¨Thats why the Prophet Joseph Smith said:...¨ It is titled the Challenging and Testifying Missionary.
There is one scripture that I just love and has become one of my favorites, D&C 130:20-21. It’s so basic and easy to understand, yet powerful. Another scripture is Alma 44:5 (well all of Alma 44 is awesome!) but where do they owe all their happiness?? The sacred word of God, the scriptures, that is where happiness comes, the word of God. At zone conference they had “Liahonas” from May(Spanish), July and August (English). I don’t remember if it is July or August but one of them has an amazing message about Lehi´s dream called, ¨Finding yourself in Lehi's Dream¨. I love that talk by Pres. Packer.
You mentioned something about 1/3 of my mission and seriously it is scary. I still feel new.
But thanks you for all your love and support! I love the gospel and I love the scriptures.
I’ve sent a photo of me helping a lady cook fat in oil and another of me sleeping after we got home, and some sky pictures taken by my comp.
Love Élder Rodgers

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