Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010

Hola Familia!
Well we have finally gotten into winter here! Well, colder weather. It has gotten to 4 degrees and everybody is complaining haha, and there are rumors that it will get down to -1, haha. We had a good week, finishing Saturday with 12 people with a baptism date. But with rain and cold weather Sunday morning, only 2 showed up, along with 6 other members of the ward. So we had a short sacrament meeting.
Today we are going to something called the Expo, something that happens here every year and the missionaries get to go. There are places to buy cool things that are here in Paraguay., cool Paraguay things.
Yesterday I got a call from our zone leader. He said that he had a box for me that had a label ¨Ipod¨ so I will be getting that tomorrow. Those church films we need in DVD. There are some people here that I really want to show the film ¨The Testaments¨ because I know it will help them understand the Book of Mormon a lot more.
I was reading in the Book of Mormon lots in the latter chapters in the book of Alma. It is so fascinating, especially like the last letter, Alma 43-44. When you think of all the spiritual meanings of the scriptures, when they say armor you can think, literally, the spiritual armor.
-Alma 43:21 says that they were afraid because of their armor, ¨If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear¨ ¨Put on the Whole armor of God¨
-Alma 43:23 In our lives sometimes we don’t know where the enemy is and we need to listen to the prophet, which do we do every April and October. We hear where the enemy is.
-Alma 43:38 We always have to have the armor of God on to ¨shield (from) the more vital parts¨ of our spirits
There are so many examples of our lives in the scriptures that sometimes we miss what they were trying to say to us. There are many times I will read a story and wonder ¨Why did they put that in there?¨ But there is always a reason.
That’s really cool about the time capsule!
We have been teaching some cool people.
I can really understand more scripture in my life here in my mission than before. I love the gospel and I love my Savior.
Love, Elder Lucas Rodgers

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