Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010

Hola familia Como esta!

Wow, we have had a cold week, but the past three days it has been hot so the weather is changing like crazy.
We have good news to report about baptisms. We are having 4 Saturday and maybe 5! We will send the pictures.
Like I said last week we went to an Expo here. There were so many things! Everybody was trying to sell things. I will send pictures. I bought a few things that I thought were really cool. I bought a hammock, and Indian bag, a leather cigarette case (that I put my camera in, it fits perfectly, not for cigarettes) and a few other little things. I will attach the pictures. At the Expo I ran into Elder Hanchett and his new greenie. That was a cool reunion. He told me that an old investigator that we had has just gotten baptized, which was really cool to hear. We had dropped him for a while but he has been working and the atonement of Christ has been working with him. I am expecting to get the pictures today. But right now we are in Luque. There is a place here to print off pictures so we came and I printed off the pictures of the Mayan ruins and a few from the memory card you sent. Thanks!! I was showing the pictures to Leo and her family. They really enjoyed them. I am trying to put all my pictures on my iPod but I have a lot! so it takes too long. I have been listening to the General Conference talks, especially Priesthood session. Wow it was really good.
Every 4th Sunday of the month the missionaries and the ward mission leader give the talks. I talked about putting on the armor of God and compared them to the story in Alma.
We borrowed the show "The Testaments" from another elder and showed it to a few people. It's a really cool story and an amazing end. I love the gospel and I know the the gospel is true. I have learned a lot about my Savior. I have a goal to read all of Jesus the Christ, but I am finding that it is hard to keep focused in that book. My favorite scripture of all is Helaman 5:12. I love it. It's only one scripture but it seems like I can always find new meanings and new ways of applying it. We are working with some cool people here, I know how the gospel can help them but there are a lot of people here that lack faith but with faith the will of the Lord comes into play, blessings come and miracles happen.
Thank you for everything!!!
Love Élder Lucas Rodgers

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