Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13, 2010

Hola familia!
como Esta!
Well. I want to start of this letter by saying.....HAPPY BITRHDAY DAD!!!!!
I didn't forget! Well, big news, Elder Alvarez is leaving to Colombia Thursday and we are changing Wednesday, and my new Companion is from.......are you ready.......I don't think you are..... hahahaha.....COLOMBIA!!!!! haha so I will be with another Colombian but this is his last change so only for 6 weeks we will be together. His name is Élder Jaime (Hi-may) so that will be cool. I will meet him Wednesday morning.
Big news, the brothers and sisters of Junior will be getting baptized tomorrow, the last day for elder Alvarez - 5 baptisms. They were not ¨for sure¨ baptisms but yesterday Leo and the wife of Presedente Vera went and talked to the Mom and she accepted the date. So I am excited! I love Emboscada. I KNOW this is the area that God wants me to be in. It’s a feeling indescribable. It’s awesome!
I think I am going to miss Elder Alvarez. After 4 1/2 months with him I got to know the actual person not just how he teaches and got used to his accent, but you get used to their personality and their life, and their problems and how to help the actual person. It’s amazing. Yesterday one of the members got up and the end of the meeting and read a card that she had written for him. It was very nice she started to cry when she was reading. It was very powerful. Then Elder Alvarez gave his testimony. It was a great meeting. I figured that he is an awesome person, and one day I think he will be reading my blog so I will say, “Hey Élder Alvarez”, or I should say, “Jhony”. LOVE YA!!.
About Elder Halliday, yeah I know him. I have never been in his zone but yeah I know him.
I had the address of Brother Machuca but I forgot to write it. I will make sure to send it next week. I think it was something like or
We had a great lesson with the rama about the plan of salvation. We had all the people in one room together then one by one they would leave to another room where they would get 6 tickets then they would enter another room where they could trade their tickets for chocolate milk or cookies or empañadas, then they would pass a window where I was and would show me how many tickets they have left then I would show them which room to go in, 1 of 3 rooms. Then we gathered with everyone and applied it to the Plan of Salvation. First room - pre-earth life, tickets - birth, room of things to buy - the world, chocolate milk and cookies-sins. I would judge to see how they spent their time and cards - Christ, then the three kingdoms of glory depending on how many cards there were, and in the Celestial kingdom there was a cake so it turned out great!!
Tell Brother Young (Hermano Joven) :P to send me a letter. It’s been a long time since I have talked to him.
There are pictures of our house, and of the activity one of my asking a little girl for her cards but she spent them all (to the telestial kingom haha) and the other cutting the cake. Elder Alvarez took the picture too soon so I don’t have a smile haha, and playing stick pull with Oscar, a recent convert.
Thanks for everything you do for me! i love the church! and I know its true!
Love your son,
Élder Lucas Rodgers ("Royer", as the people of Paraguay say) haha

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