Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010

Ha-upeí che familia-kuera!
como estan?!
Well we didn't get the 5 baptisms. We were leaving to go to Limpio after the baptismal interviews and then the mom called...saying that she wanted to be baptized too. So we got 6! Wooo! She hadn’t been to church for a long time and the branch was very reluctant but Élder Alvarez wanted to baptize the family before he left and they wanted him there so the whole family got baptized and on Sunday all 6 got confirmed. Yesterday was a great Sunday. Every one of my converts was there except Matias, who was in Arroyos Y Esteros with his grandma for the weekend. We had to fill the font up with the fire hose because something happened with the water system.
This week we are introducing classes for everyone, new things to help strengthen the branch and the members. Wednesday - English Class, Thursday - Branch Night, Friday - Gospel Class (how to teach the gospel), Saturday - Music Class/Choir! (I'm kind of worried about the choir. Singing is not quite an art here but it is to help them learn more hymns.) But this week we can’t have the Gospel Class, maybe, because.....WE'RE GOING TO THE TEMPLE!!!! WooWooWoo!!! So I’m excited for that.
Wow we have officially exited winter, well at least so it seems. It’s 32C Dera Chori! I don’t understand how it can be so hot out!! pero esta bien.
That picture that you sent was my first change. I was with Élder Hanchett but Alvarez was in the zone too. I didn't know him. After the changes that change he went to an area called Cañada Gary (Cañada not Canada, it has a different sound with the ¨Ñ¨) then Alvarez went to Emboscada. My companion now came from Capiata and before that he was really far away, a place called Pedro Juan Caballero where he opened a branch that went from 4 people to about 40. He was president of the branch there! so he knows a lot. He is a great teacher! A little different but I love him.
Dad those are some snazzzy socks! When you send the memory card to me fill it up with pictures of things that went on, all the things that have passed, hikes, activities. Leo was very grateful for the pistachios. And in the package send Warheads, the sour candies. I love giving them to people here because they are not used to sour things.
I’m not sure if you can but can you send some loonies and toonies either in a package or in a letter. There are some members asking me for them haha.
There are some pictures from when we had changes, Élder Buchanan (who was in the same room while we were in the MTC and I haven't seen him since this picture.) Élder Hanchett, Élder Alvarez.
I'm not sure if you have talked to the parents of Élder Hanchett about flying to Paraguay but I mentioned something to President, not because I'm thinking about it only because I want it to work out alright.
I gave my old suit to President Vera, He was sooooo happy I will send a picture of him when I see him in it and when I have my camera.
So I am still in Emboscada, and will be here for about 3 more months because my comp goes home this change. He says for sure I will go up after him. Thanks for everything I LOVE YOU GUYS so much!! for everything you do for me!! Les Quero Muchisimo! La iglesia es verdadera!
Con mucho amor,
Élder Lucas Rodgers

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