Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4, 2010

Hola Familia!
Well, I just want to start off by saying Wow, General Conference was AMAZING! I listened to a few of the sessions in Spanish Sunday morning and half of Priesthood. Wow, one talk that I loved was by Claudio R.M. Costa. (He came to the MTC when I was there) and what he said about prophets, the 14 points. He was so strong in his voice. A cool thing is that there are some apostles who pre- record their talk in Spanish and when they go to give their talk the people hear the voice to the actual apostle- Elder Anderson, Christofferson, Scott. I never really thought about it before but what a BLESSING to listen to the prophet’s voice, not to have someone translate it, but to hear the words from his own lips. What a blessing! Most of the world listens to the prophet through someone else. Which, don't get me wrong, it’s awesome to hear what he is saying, but it’s something else to hear the prophets actual voice.
Wow what a week. It was so hard to invite people General Conference, well the invitation was easy but picking them up was hard because there are a lot of people who forgot about changing the hour. We moved forward an hour.
I was really hoping they would say something about the Calgary Temple, Oh well there is always next session, haha.
Well there are pictures of when we went with a new member to go cut down a tree and bring firewood. I had a very strong spiritual experience. I saw a pillar of light....... (You will understand when you see the picture haha). The bus picture was when we took a bus to general conference and the bug was a big bug we found on the sidewalk. The new convert's name is Nery.
I didn't get my old plaque but I got a cool new one. It’s not in Spanish, but in another language in Paraguay, that’s right, GUARANI! Whoo! and a cool thing of fhiligrana ,a little map of Paraguay, I will try to send it home. It’s a little fragile. My comp. has been buying some last minute Paraguay things so I ordered a few Paraguay ties. Next Monday I will be taking pictures that they will put on and next Monday I will send the pictures.
This month has been hard because my comp came here with 10 mil so I had to pay for everything until the beginning of this month when we get more money. We get 850 mil every month and the day we got the money he spent 750ish mil on cool Paraguayan clothing.... so now he is planning on selling his camera so that he has money for the rest of the month.
No news yet about the ring, but I still have faith! Thanks for the pictures. That’s really cool. I was thinking of the new elder from Canada and I really wish I had his time over. It is really going too fast.
Just to let you know the white shirts that I like the most are the George mark from Wal-mart. How long do you think it will take to receive the shoes? My nice Eccos are no longer waterproof and today we had a lot of rain.
Thanks for everything.
Con Amor,
√Člder Lucas Rodgers

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