Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14, 2011

How are you guys doing? This is weird to think that Steph and David will both be married in a week (well obviously we all know that David is already married) but wow!! Lacking Jessica and Dustin, but Dustin still has a while after his mission. So I received a letter from Lauren, well, a postcard, saying that she has a new man in her life, and today being Valentines Day or singles-awareness day, I think that I have permission to ask Who?, What?, and When? Thanks for the talk about writing in a journal. It is something that I need to get better at. Zone conference was awesome! I learned a lot, and a lot of new things.
I would like to fill you guys in a little bit about my new companion, Elder Meneses. He just barely hit 2 years as a member of the church. He lives in "La Pampa" in Argentina and is the only member of his family who is a member of the church. He received a strong testimony of the church. When he told his family he wanted to serve a mission they were furious with him. His mom treated him like he wasn't her child, didn't feed him or talk to him. His dad offered him a job and he turned it down and his dad was mad. When he left his parents were still mad but he saw a miracle when he called home for Christmas. When he talked to his family they were not mad at him which made him extremely happy. He is a great elder and the best part is that he knows the reason why he is in the mission.
We have been teaching a cool family. They are a less-active family. One son works in the Chaco and comes back once in a while but his wife lives at home. Her name is Sara Pinto. We have been having some great lessons with them and the best part is that she has been reading and praying and it looks like she has been getting an answer. They are a great family. Something else is that we had district conference yesterday and President Madariaga came to preside. We had a missionary choir. We sang a few hymns and the song “Sisters in Zion\Army of Helaman”. It was really powerful for me. After the regular church meeting where we didn't have any of our investigators because of the SUPER HEAVY RAIN that came when we were heading over there, I talked to Sister Madariaga and she told us that they could do some visits with us. So we went to go visit a family in the other missionaries of rama 2 because President needed to do temple interviews and he didn't know where they lived. Then we went to go visit a family in our area. They have a son in the mission and 5 other children at home but they’re not all active. We went to visit one of them with President Madariaga and he gave the boy mission papers and my companion gave him a white shirt and a belt. Then we went back a couple hours later to see how he took it. The mom said that he is excited to put his papers in which really made our day. So we had a good Sunday.
This week I received the package from Sister Snowden. Please send her my thankyous. There is a store here that sells American things that should be donations, but they get them and they sell them haha. You can get Reeses Pieces there - a 1/2 lb for Gs3 mil, which is $0.67 or 1 lb for 6 or 10 mil. But to show that it is super illegal it is only open Thursday in the morning from 9 - 12 a.m. when the police are not watching but I'm sure the police know and go there too haha. There has never been this candy when I went but the other elders always come back with a bag full of Reeses Pieces.
I got a letter from Gen. It was the first one I got. It was a Dear Elder. Thanks! I will be sending one back (if someone can send me her address....). It also mentioned about sending pictures. Anyone can send me pictures through this email. just like I have noticed Grandma has been doing, (Well sending emails).
Well thanks for everything, The Church here in Concepcion is growing slowly but along with anything else it has to find its foundation, which is where Helaman 5:12 comes in and saves the day! The base of this stake has to be Jesus Christ or it will fall. I feel so privileged to take part in the formation of one of the stakes in Zion and grateful for the confidence the Lord has in me. I love you guys so much! Stay safe and may God be with you.
P.S. About miracles- some missions it’s hard to get into a house. Some missions if you teach a lesson on a contact it’s rare. In this mission we can clap a house and the people come to us and the first thing they ask us is, "Are you guys going to come in?" or "Do you want to come in?" Miracles come in different shapes and forms.
Con Amor,
Elder Lucas Rodgers

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