Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28, 2011

Hola Familia!!!!
Wow this week/change went by soo fast! We are going to know changes tonight. I really don't want to leave but I think I will be leaving.
We have had SOOOOOO much rain.
Lots of things happened! I stepped on a nail in the rain. We were hopping from rock to rock and thing of wood and I didn't see the nail sticking out, then 3 days of limping... how fun. Now it is okay. Also when we were doing laundry last week I was hanging up my clothes and, justamente! (exactly) stepped on an anthill with red ants so my feet are a disaster!
We gave a Plan of Salvation booklet to a lady the other day and went back to see if she read it. She said yes and I was excited to see what she remembered. She said ¨pages 13-14 - what did it talk about?¨ ¨Juan and Ada¨..... I looked at it and it was a picture of Christ when he was resurrected appearing to Maria and the 3 grades of gloria...... so she almost got it.......haha.
“Drop some cane” means to chew somebody out.
Yesterday we had a discussion with a (what I would call it a Catholic priest). He told us lots of interesting things - that Jesus was baptized to purify the water, that Adam was not a prophet, that Moses failed his position as a prophet..... a lot of other things too. All we did was bear our testimony and leave, after trying to explain things, but his heart was too hard to understand our message.
Sorry for the short letter but we are going to be going to the bridge today. That is in Concepcion, which will be really awesome so I will send pictures of that next week.
There is a picture with my zone and then in orange shirts are the missionaries in Concepcion. Elder Lombardo and Hermana Ramache are going home this change, and the picture of 4 people is my district. The shirt is a shirt that we made as a souvenir.
Well thanks for everything that you guys do for me! I love you guys soo much.
Élder Lucas Rodgers

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