Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7, 2011

Hola Che Familia-Kuera!
How are you guys doing?
We have been having some hot days here and a lot of humidity like you guys said. Tomorrow we will be in Asuncion for zone conference. We leave here at 11.50ish and will get there about 6/6.30 so that will be fun.
I will answer your questions about the pictures for last week because I forgot to explain. The one with the shelter is the family Echague, when we went there to eat on Sunday. We have Sunday lunch with them every week so that is great! That is one of their sons, Pedro Echague and the other joven (young man) is Alez. I forget his last name. We started working with him when I first got to Concepcion and we were working with him but he decided to get baptized and I was given the privilege to do his interview. It was something very special for me to do and to hear his testimony. He will be a great help at church.
I said the work was hard here because Rama 2 is a very small rama (Branch) and the leaders don't always complete what they need to do so we do a little extra than what our responsibilities are. But if I was called to serve here that is what I have to do. It is not the easiest. We have been working with the wife of a recent convert but it is a weird situation because her daughter pretty much runs her life and tells her if she can go to the church or not and if her mom has plans to go to church she will call someone to take her somewhere else. It is a challenging situation. But it is awesome here. I don't think I ever want to leave Concepcion.
This thing of leather that I have that has the Flames and the Stampeders I had made for a thing to hang on the wall.
Don't worry about the memory card. I will look and buy one here. They can be found here. I think I will be sending another one so keep it for a while because I need one pretty quick. I am putting all my pictures on that red pen drive you guys sent then erasing them from my camera onto the pen drive that you guys sent me.
I have been seeing improvements here. This time as a missionary has been a time in my life that I can never forget. Send me a scripture or something that will help me write in my journal. I have been forgetting a lot, so something that will show the necessity of writing down these things. Sorry it was not a big letter but I have plans to send a letter by snail mail so that I can include more information. I still am a slow typer once and a while and the other times I am faster. I don't understand how that happens plus the computer I am using doesn’t work the best to type.
There is a picture of the branch president (President Medina) and the church building (we're renting).
Thanks for everything you guys do for me!
Love you guys so much
Elder Lucas Rodgers

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