Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2010

Hola Familia!

WOW what an experience. (Helaman’s Encampment) That would have been amazing to attend! Those pictures are awesome. This morning I was reading Alma 46 about Helaman and the Standard of Liberty. The scripture that I love from that chapter (well one of the scriptures that I really love) is 21. Just imagine those warriors running, getting their armor on in the name of the Lord, to fight until death for their beliefs. Just imagine what the Father was thinking when he saw their faith.
So.... we had changes... but I will begin this narration from last Monday
Monday I sent you guys an email. I brought my camera with me but I could not find it after. We went home, then prepared (we were in a trio with Elder Levos, our old zone leader who went home) for our BBQ but I didn’t have my camera so I didn’t think too much of it. When we got to the church to cook Elder Levos put his camera down on the ground and we were preparing the meal. Some youth came in with the intent to use the field to play soccer but we said that it was occupied and they left. A few moments later Elder Levos noticed that his camera was gone! They had taken it. So after we had played a little soccer we left to go back home. I went home with Rodrigo, a young man that always does visits with us, and my companion. Elder Levos went back one last time to the house of some of the youth to ask about the camera. We got home. My camera was nowhere to be found so we decided to run up to the computer shop and ask if anyone had found a camera. (with a lot of hope) They said no. I went to the cubicle where I was sitting and looked under the desk and there in the back corner a camera in a case!!! WOW QUE SUERTE! (luck) So I had it again. That night we went with Elder Levos to a visit in his area because there was a death in the family and it was a visit he had to make. We got back to his house at 9:30 ish. It was far away. Then we talked and got ready for bed. Phone rings..... changes......... we hear him say things ....that’s awesome, then he finishes and comes to us..... with a smile.... tells us all the changes of the zone (my district got changes - Elder Sears left) then tells us to guess where my companion is going! to CONCEPCIÓN!!!! Wow that was crazy. he was always saying that he would like to go there. Then Elder Levos looked to me.. and smiled. He asked me if I have munchies or if I have been putting on a little weight... because YOUR’RE PREGNANT!!!!! (in missionary lingo - will have a son,or train). So as of **right now** I am training a missionary. He’s the only Latin that came in the group. His name is Elder Vasquez from Honduras. Back to the story :-) -------- then I got a call from Elder Anderson in Kennedy telling me that he, Elder Meneses, and Elder Salvatierra are also traning!!!! I left to Asuncion Tuesday at night, saw a bunch of old companions and good friends. We left to go to the temple and the chapel beside it and had a meeting with Presidente then we got our companions! Elder Rodgers...gets.....Elder Vasquez!
Then we took the long ride back to PJC. But I am having a good time. We had 2 hours of companionship study every day so that we can go over all the study material. This a great opportunity and I am really enjoying it. He is really helping my Spanish and I am teaching him English so it is a fair trade, haha.
While we were in the car with all the trainers I saw a sign that hit me. it says in English, "Yesterday we had to be big. Today we need to be giante"
Thanks for everything I love you all so much. You are always in my prayers!
Love from afar,
Elder Lucas Rodgers

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