Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

Hey Family!
We broke a record here!! We had 60 in church. There has been more than that in the past, a long time ago, but it is the most that I have ever seen! Jorge Gonzalez went to Church (that inactive family that we found) with his other *girl-who-is-a-friend* haha.
Rafaela went to church. Her son Cristian was baptized with Elder Thomson, and we have been working with the mom. But problem, she doesn’t read! So we are going to be passing by during the week to help her. At the end of this week we will be going to a missionary capacitation (ability) meeting in Yby Yau, with Concepcion. So I will be seeing some old companions I left in Concepción and a book of Mormón on C.D. So I have asked Elder Salvatierra to bring it for me. We will give that to her (Rafaela) so that she can listen to the Book of Mormón while she is working, cooking, and resting. Her son (18 years old) and his girlfriend just had a baby so we are going to be trying to share with them too.
I will take out money next week to make the orders for the ao´poi (aow-po-ee) The dollar is low. I was thinking of taking out Gs 1,000 mil. I think that would cover 6 nice, well made shirts. Let me know what you think. The dollar is 1=3.80 so it would be about $263, more or less.
We are planning an activity, a big activity called Paraguay Pyhareve (Night of Paraguay). We are going to be inviting EVERYONE!!!! There will be Paraguayan food, dance, music, culture! It will be great. We are planning for the 11th of August.

Send a letter to Josh Hunter and tell him that he has to WRITE ME!!!!! and if he doesn’t....... bad things may occur....just saying....
If it would be possible to attend Brandon Wight´s farewell that would be great. He attended mine, and I am, well-a little far to attend his, to send my congratulations. Tell him to write me, that I have been waiting... haha(And if you see Jordan Crane there gently remind him that I have not gotten his letter...)
I wrote a letter to Brother Godfrey, and sent it with an Elder who was to go to Asuncion for changes, to get sent, but as I had other things to send and they never got to the office I am worried that the letter was never sent properly. So keep me updated if he has received my letter.

Bad news, I think that I may have lost my camera.......although all the pictures are backed up on my drive. It’s not a big loss but I have to do a big search. Our house is only 3 rooms so it shouldn’t be toooo hard to lose something in there.
But thanks for everything, family. I love you all SOOOO MUCH!
Send my love to all!
Élder Lucas Rodgers
LA OBRA DE DIOS ES MARAVILLOSA! ME ENCANTA!!! (The work is wonderful. I love it.)

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