Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12, 2011

Hola Familia!
Well big news.... I got a change. I am now in a Ward!!!! in a Stake!!!!! I have a Ward Mission Leader!!!!! It is exciting to me! Haha. The Area is called Palma Loma. It is a neighborhood in a city called Luque, very close to Asuncion. I was told about this change Monday night, so my last day in PJC was my birthday, but that's okay. I have been called to be a Zone Leader with Elder Hill from Arizona. He goes home at the end of this month. So I am excited and we are going to work our butts off!!! It was a little hard saying bye to everyone in Pedro Jean Caballero, especially Ramon and his family. I have grown to love that family. They are a family which is so special to me and it was hard to say bye to them and it was hard to say bye to my old companion, Elder Vasquez (he is such a great missionary), and so many other people that I can’t mention all their names here. I know the Lord called me here and I know we will work. I am excited to be here. We have a couple of baptisms planned. There is a man here whose name is Ramon too, haha. He is kinda different haha but he read the Book of Mormon in 2 days!!!!!! all of it, but he hasn't been to church yet. He is scared of commitment but we will help him. My companion is a great missionary. I am learning soo much! We have had little success here finding new investigators but we are going to be implicating lots of work with the members to get their help because we cannot do this on our own.
Let Mark Johnson know about my change and tell him that Laurelty is in my zone. I possibly could do a division in that area because we have to do divisions in the areas of the District leaders. I do not know exactly when but let him know.

I have been continuing reading the book of Mormon and am coming to 3 Nephi where He is teaching the Sermon on the Mount. It is interesting what He says to them. In two-three chapters He gives a teaching on almost every gospel topic. It is interesting.

I really love Paraguay and I love the people. I have come to feel a great love for them even when they are rude, haha. There are some of the humblest people that live here and they have taught me soo much. I am so thankful for them. I have been thinking about asking permission later on to visit some of my old areas in the coming months on some P-days to see how my old converts are doing. There are so many people here that are very dear to me. I send my love to everyone, knowing the Church is true! I pray for you all! Love Elder Lucas Rodgers

P.S. Thanks for everything Mom and Dad. I really love you guys so much! You do so much for me and I can feel your love from far away. I pray for you two daily.

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