Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5, 2011

Well, family, it is good to hear from you all.
We had another baptism this Saturday, a young woman named Ana Paula who we were teaching. Her mom all of a sudden came over and talked to us. We were sharing with her when all of a sudden she said, "I have a confession to make...I am a member of the church!" So we had no idea, neither did Ana Paula. But her mom said that she was baptized about 15 years ago! The mom came to the baptism of her daughter and after the ordinance they were in the women's bathroom changing and my companion was changing in the men's bathroom. He told me after that he heard them crying, and exiting the bathroom he saw that they had been. The Lord has touched this family! Almost the same thing happened when Ramon was baptized. He was talking with my companion in the bathroom and I don't know why buy I had an impression to get up and go to the bathroom. They were talking and when I got there he said, "I wanted to thank you guys for bringing me to this point." He gave us both a hug and said that from now on it won't be easy. Yesterday after church he invited us over to eat. There was a girl from Concepción that is staying there, renting a room. He always calls her his daughter (the girl in the picture of his baptism in the middle in pink) and she goes to an evangelical church and was asking us a lot of questions. There came a point when Ramon started testifying to her how the Book of Mormón is not "another gospel". The spirit was strong and told me to BE QUIET and let him talk. After that the girl didn't say a word.
Something interesting that I have noticed here - we always bring up that the families can be together forever and there are usually one of two responses: 1) the people that say, “obviously, of course” and 2) the people that say, “no that is impossible. It does not say that in the Bible.” Sometimes it makes me think, how could you not even want that to be true. Maybe the people that have a harder time believing that are the people that maybe don't have the best relationship with their family. "We thank thee oh God for a prophet".
Well, Dad, get ready. They had to release you so that they can call you into the stake! Watch out haha!
I love you all so much. I know the church is true. The Lord answers our prayers and knows us. The Lord knows every one of us even though sometimes we think our existence is so insignificant. He knows us. I know he does. The Lord prepares our path and we must confide in him. Thanks you for your examples in my life. I always tell the couples here that the example is the best lesson. There was a general authority that said, "Share the gospel every day, and if it is necessary use words." God lives and so does his Son Jesus Christ. Jesus truly is the Christ.
I love you all dearly, and pray that you have all the blessings that our Heavenly Father has for you all.
Con amor,
Elder Lucas Rodgers

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