Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1, 2009

Well I’m sorry to say but those pictures didn't work. They won't open on this program. umm for the X-box I think it is around 250(ish) and yes that stand is included. Well some exciting things happened in the past week. I was in the R.C. and I was talking to someone about our church and they said they weren’t interested in converting, they we're pagan, but I set up another appointment with them to teach the next day, but they didn't show up. I am probably going to be trying to print of some more pictures today. The MTC is pretty great. Matt Vance comes in tomorrow, so that is what I am looking forward to haha, Spanish is coming slowly but steadily, starting to learn how to teach the first lesson in Español so that will be great. We are singing hymns in Español and praying in Español so things are changing. I have met some other people that are going to Paraguay. There are quite a few haha, I can´t think of anything that I need right now, I haven´t tried getting that money out of the account because I still have a lot in my wallet for now. I have a question about my suit, there is a small tear by the shoulder and I know that there is a 2 year warranty on it. It is not anything noticeable but if there is a chance of fixing it maybe you could send me the steps to do that. If not I know that I won´t be using it too much in Paraguay.

I got the Canadian package thanks alot!! I love it. Our district is so small right now with only seven elders. (Elder Richins, Elder Clark, Elder Shirk, Elder Jolley, Elder Rodgers, Elder Buchanan, Elder Condie) Elder Buchanan and Elder Condie are the new Zone Leaders.

I had a funny experience in Spanish yesterday with the teacher haha. We were talking to him in Español as if he was an investigator, when I went to say ¨We have a short message for you¨ I accidentally said, ¨We have a short massage for you.¨ He soon corrected me haha. But our teachers are great, they are easy going and are focused on making sure that they have the spirit when they teach. If we get unfocused he will have us sing a hymn again (but that has only happened once).

Well that is pretty sweet about Pres....Brother Craig, I never would have guessed Young Men’s. So its winter there, here it is only ¨Cold¨ but the pea jacket makes it okay haha, Thats a shame about the Grey Cup. You’re right, they didn´t deserve it haha. Along with family´s email if you have it could I get some mailing addresses? But it is not a big deal, so if you can’t find them, or can’t find all of the addresses, don´t worry about it. Besides when I get to Paraguay, email will probably be the quickest way to communicate.

If you have any questions feel free to respond, I have about 9 min. remaining so I can use that time to reply until 6 PM.

With Love- Elder Rodgers

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