Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010

Hola Familia!
It was really nice talking to you guys too. That was really nice to hear that you guys are doing good still! Well Paraguay is slowly getting colder and with the humidity it makes it colder than it seems. Thanks for everything that you do for me. It helps a lot. One thing that I forgot to talk about is shirts. The ones that we got from missionary mall are hard to clean. That's what Sister Sotelo said, and they get dirty fast. So if it is possible to send some later that would be great.
We have had a great week. Saturday morning we went to a member’s house to climb trees and cut down branches by using machetes. It was really fun. Friday we were helping clean up the backyard of Trifi. Tomorrow we will know about changes. This week has been a little hectic, but is all good.
I don't think my Ipod will work. I think the humidity killed the screen. I tried restarting it but it didn't work so I don't think there is any use sending it home. I can look around here for a new music player that works.
I will be sending home a memory card asap and I have all the pictures on my back-up so let me know when you get it.
I have become a pro at adding new holes to my belt haha. One belt has two new holes on it haha. There is another that I still need to add one to it.
Thanks for everything you do to help me. I pray for you guys every day and for all the family. The Lord lives. I am printing off the talk about missionaries to read on my way to San Lorenzo.

Thanks for everything!!
Les Amo!
Élder Rodgers

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