Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3, 2010

Well we had a great week. We were helping people a lot. This coming week we are sure is the last week we will have together so we plan on working hard to find the people in our area that are really praying, looking, searching for the help. We had a great fast. It was just a great week.

Well I understand that, mom, you don’t ever want to see a tarantula in real life, so I will make sure to send just pictures. As of right now is their season to come out because it is cooler out now. I have been seeing a lot of parrots. I saw a pet monkey a while ago haha and the last week we found two leeches in our bathroom. It’s interesting, every time we return to our house we have to check our bathroom for creatures: cockroaches, leeches (well now we are), frogs. My camera dropped and the lens cover broke a little bit so I got a new camera today. (I got my pin and activated my Visa.) I took out 900 Mil which is about $189 American - a new Samsung. It works with my old camera card but has a different battery. But it is rechargeable. The old rechargeable batteries that I have are slowly and slowly losing overall life so I was thinking of replacing them anyways. I can buy the same kind here, but I will when I need them, for now I will be okay.
Thanks for all the information on how the family is doing. That's awesome to hear. and I will try what you suggested about my ipod and tell you in my quick email tomorrow.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about the Savior and his life. I really want to read "Jesus the Christ". One of my favorite scriptures is in D&C 76:22 - "that He Lives!" When the Savior suffered for us he suffered for each of us, for our names, for our disabilities, for our short-comings, for everything in our lives. (Alma 7:11-12). He was pre-destined to do this. But the only thing he asks of us is that we keep his commandments to receive his blessings. I know the Savior lives. He has a glorified body and he has conquered death. I am grateful each and every day for what he has done for me. I love you guys.

Love Élder Rodgers

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