Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1, 2010

Hola Familia!!
Wow, one week in Concepción. It can get so hot here. This Thursday it was about 40C one of the members said. WOW! Well this place is really cool. The stake...or I should say district, consists of four branches in Concepción- Horqueta, Yby Yau, San Pedro, Santani. There is, compared to all my other areas, almost no Spanish (well there is, of course, but not as much). I have been learning a lot and this week I am planning on studying a lot!
Well, I got your package, with one shoe!! So now I have to wait to get the next one... haha. All the mail that comes to Concepción, Horqueta, and Yby Yau, comes straight to our house so the second shoe will also come straight to my house haha.
Concepción has so much religious culture. You will be able to tell by looking at one of the pictures. It reminds me of one of the commandments. ¨DO NOT worship idols¨!!!! (The stars around her head light up at night.)
Well about the call, I never had thought that I might go to South America. It had never crossed my mind but as soon as I saw the map and the words Paraguay Asuncion North Mission, I just thought to myself, ¨Yup, that’s right.¨ Especially the ¨North¨ part, for some reason ¨North¨ really stood out, and now that I am really far north of Asuncion, I think this is where I need to be.
Well yesterday we had 5 people in church (investigatores). One of them was a lady that just randomly walked in. We have to go and look for her and where she lives. One was a youth that lives almost across the street and one block from the church and the other three are older men. Two of those older men have a baptismal date for 27th of November, Agustin & Thomas, We are going to have to really work with them to make sure they have desires. They are really cool people, and both were found through contacting.
My area of Concepción is sort of the main area but it also includes a little island called Chaco-i. We went there during the past week. You have to pay someone to take you over by boat. It was kinda cool but my comp was thirsty and asked for water so we both had a glass of water which turns out is from the river and my comp got sick after that and we were in the house for a long time till about 6-7 when someone could stay with my comp and I could go and work with Elder Jolley in his area.
I have really been seeing the guidance of the Spirit in my life here. It’s really wonderful. There is one thing I ask you guys if you could do. Remember Gabriela and Victor, my first converts? I got word from an elder that just left that area that they are a little inactive and haven’t been to church in a long time. Write them a letter with your testimonies and to excite them. In January they will complete one year as members and I would love to see them go through the temple. Write it in English and I will translate it and send it to them. Thanks a lot.
But in short, CONCEPCIÓN ROCKS haha. I'm really excited to be here. By the way, good timing on the shoes. I have a hole in both my Ecco shoes. Now I just have to wait to use both shoes. I saw all the pictures you sent. WOW everyone is growing up!! especially Seth! Wow.
Thanks for the update on the Flames and the Stampeders. It’s good to know that they are doing good.
Thanks for the e-card! That was really nice. Next Tuesday we will have Zone conference and will have to travel to Asuncion. Thanks for everything! Love you LOTS!!
Élder Lucas Rodgers

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