Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22, 2010

Hey Family!!
We have had a big week. It has been raining a storm here which is alright but not the most exciting. But zone conference was awesome. We left Concepción at 11:30\12:00 at night and slept on the bus. We got there about 6:30\7:00 in the morning then took a taxi to the church. They had breakfast for us there (one bowl of cereal). I got two! because I conveniently spilled my first bowl all over my suit! But we had a great meeting then after that we had a long time to wait. We didn't know what time our bus left until that night. The meeting ended at 2 in the afternoon so we left to go to the distribution center. It closes at 5 and about 1\2 hour to get there. We left finally at 3, got there at 4. got some things and went across the street to eat. Then we waited for the other Concepcion elders to meet up, then we were eating. We went across the street to the chapel that is next door to the temple. We wanted to have a last minute bathroom break before we got on our bus and while we were on our way to the chapel I saw some members that are from Emboscada. Turns out they had a temple trip the same day. So I spent a while talking to them (which was alright because our bus left at 9:30pm). Junior was there. That was his second time doing baptisms. It was really cool to see them there. Bruno was there. I talked to him for a while then they left. About an hour later we left and got home 3:30 in the morning.
We have been doing a lot of jumping from dry spot to another with all the rain. My shoes are holding up. We have an investigator who is a shoe smith. He fixed one of my Arnold Palmer shoes. I still haven't gotten the ¨right¨ shoe (as in I have the left shoe) but I should be waiting for the other one this week. I got the birthday package. I know Elder Hoffman. The boots look pretty good. I would be good with the same size and with a medium width I believe. It would be the best to have the actual garment thermals- would be less clothing to wear. The thermals you sent me are all short sleeves. I could try to find some here but I will see what I can do. Contact solution I can find here. It is a little pricey but it is here.
Thanks for the information on Élder McKee. Good news, he is back in the mission! Hermana Madariaga told me at zone conference. I don't know where he is but he is in Paraguay. I sent that Dear Elder, with a small uplifting message and the letter you sent, partly to see how long it takes.
Here are some pictures of zone conference and the rain. One was taken at night on the roof of Elder Jolley's house. The really bright light is the Virgin at night.
Love you all. Thanks for everything!!
Élder Lucas Rodgers

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