Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8, 2010

Hola Familia, Como Esta,

Well we had a great week. We have been working with a man called Thomas Franco. He is really cool. We contacted his house and Habia Sido, his son, was a less active member from Asuncion. Ever since we have been visiting him he is telling us that he has found more tranquility in his life. He told us, ¨I will read and pray to find out if these things are true.¨ We are going to visit him today, see how he is doing. He came to church yesterday only for 2 hours but he really liked it. I was happy that the testimonies were all very nice because in Rama 2 there was one guy talking about things of the temple... interesting things about the temple. So our ward is awesome - sorry, our branch. We have been having some really cool experiences here. We have been working to gain the trust of the leaders in our branch.
Zone conference got moved back another week because Elder Bradley Foster is coming to speak to us. That will be really cool.
You should not have sent letters to Elder Lucas!!!!!!!!!!! The Canadian from Raymond is Elder Wendorf. Elder Lucas is from Ecuador!!!!! Elder Wendorf, the old companion of Elder Jolley, was here in Concepcion but now is in Asuncion. I don’t have a picture of Elder Lucas. Sorry if something I said confused you guys.
Thanks for the letters. I will send those letters to Gabriela and Victor and tell you if I ever get a response from them. Thanks for everything. I will expect a shoe this week, haha.
Well keep this on the low-down but President is going to be splitting my area! So we have to look for a house for the other missionaries, elders or sisters we don't know but probably the first week of December.
Thanks for everything. I love you guys so much. There is a photo from when we went out to dinner on the 4th and when we passed by the river. I have my ¨Sombrero Piri¨
Con Amor,
Élder Lucas Rodgers

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