Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011

Hey Family!!
WOW if you ever have been in a hot summer in Florida or something YOU CAN NOT IMAGINE THE HEAT HERE!!!! hahaha!!! Dad, I don't think California can compare, my companion is from there and this is hot for him!! But other than that, everything is good.
About the jaw thing last week, when I went to go get a x-ray there was a lady in the back room who could see an image of my jaw and she came in the room, burst through the door and told me that my jaw surgery was perfect! She has never seen it done so correctly!! So there’s some good news, eh?
But let’s get down to business. I am in Concepción rama 1A, the sisters are in rama 1B (work area), Elder Lucas and his comp Elder Packard are in rama 2. This 15th and 16th a senior couple will be coming here to work and President wants them working in the central area so they will be coming to 1A and the sisters will probably go to 1B. When I was in Asuncion I was talking to President Madriaga and he told me that I will be going to rama 2 with Elder Lucas. After I heard that I will not lie, I felt really miserable. Today I have been feeling a little better about this upcoming change (the 19th). I have been feeling that there is someone there I can help because we haven't found anyone prepared for us in where we have been working. Sunday was the second time I didn't have an investigator come to church so I have now become a little excited to change. This week I was a little sick. I had sore throat, cough, and a really runny nose, plus the heat didn't help anyone.
The name of the 14 year old boy is Miguel Franco. Yes I know Elder Humphries. He is a good guy. His area is in a place called Mario Roque Alonso.
Well, all I know is that from now on after this summer in Concepción my whole life will be in a cooler climate. There is a huge comparison- Concepción and Asuncion.
Did you guys get that package from Elder Wendorff? Let me know if it got there okay.
We had some of the members tell us we were good missionaries this week! It was great! We have been having a good time. It’s hard out here in the heat but this is where I need to be. Thank you for everything you do for me! I love you guys so much!!! Stay safe (Everyone!) and PLEASE!!!! enjoy the cold!!!!!!!!
Love, Élder Lucas Rodgers

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