Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, 2011

Hola Familia!
Well it’s true. The word on the street is out! We have had changes. Elder Arzate went to Molino, Luque and my new companion is Elder Meneses from Argentina! So I am with another Latin! I’m excited. BUT we are in rama 2 which is a really hard change for me, just because I really didn't have a change. It's weird. I know I have to be there but it’s hard to accept it. Changes are always hard for me. They’re exciting to begin with but then for me it is personally hard because I have to adjust to living with a different person. I think we will have a good week tomorrow but remember to keep me in your prayers (not that I don't think you are).
Well now to answer your questions. Size 36 would be great but I plan on loosing even more weight this change, and that other missionary is Elder Gordon.
We did something awesome today this morning. Mom you’re going to be so proud! We WASHED OUR OWN CLOTHES!!! I will send pictures. We used a machine to get them started then we washed them by hand and now they are all cleeeeeeen and smell soooo good! I will send a picture showing you how dirty they were. In Concepcion our shirts get soooo dirty! I have some shirts that look like they were never white. (Moro'ti, in Guarani - white)
That’s okay if you think its better to put the money somewhere else. It is a long flight here anyways.
Yesterday there was SOO MUCH RAIN!!! We took off our socks and shoes and walked through the streets (in the pictures) and it has been really hot (and even the elders from Chile think it’s hot out).
But I just want to say that I LOVE IT HERE in Concepción, besides the heat. In the setting-apart blessing from Pres. Craig he mentioned that there is no other thing that I could be doing that is more important than this. And here I feel that. I know that. I feel a comfort that I have never felt so strong serving the people here. I feel very humbled that the Lord can trust in me to carry out His work. This change I have been given a wonderful opportunity to serve others. I have been called to be a district leader. I'm excited to see what this change has in store.
Thanks for everything you do for me. I love you guys so much!!
Élder Lucas Rodgers
P.S. Grandma Spackman, thanks for the update of the family. It’s always great to hear how they are doing! Tell Haley CONGRATS!!!!!! Grandma Rodgers, I will read those scriptures. Thanks. I always love getting new scriptures to study, thank you.

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