Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17, 2011

Mba`eteco pikò che tua ha che sú

Wow, what a week we had! It was less hot this week. (I hope that grammar is understandable.) Let me start answering your questions. Miguel and Adriano (Tomas. nickname, había sido) as far as we know are not related but here in Concepción it is a very common name. My cold is gone only this week (the ¨gripe¨ not ¨frio¨). I still have a runny nose and when I gave a talk on Sunday it was a little interesting. One thing about the weather is that you can actually look for the weather in Concepción, an exact temperature, rather than Asuncion because there is a big difference. I think I could understand how it could be hard to appreciate cold, but trust me, there is a certain point where it IS possible haha. Maybe you don't believe me but trust me, its true haha.
I still haven't received a letter from Jhony Alvarez (elder).
Changes, ya sabemos! I am going to Rama 2 and my comp is going to another place in Paraguay. Nobody has told us the who or the where. We had interviews with President Madariaga (I will explain this part) and he told me that I will be changing areas and getting a new comp. He also mentioned a lot about being obedient for an example for my companions which gave me a fright that I would receive a missionary that is a little disobedient or lazy. SO PLEASE PRAY THAT THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN!!!!!!! Today or tomorrow morning we will find out.
President came Friday night here to ¨deliver¨ (bring) a senior couple that will now be working with us. This is the reason that I was kicked out of Rama 1, because they will belong to Rama 1 but will work all over Concepcion and once and a while in Horqueta. So Elder and Sister Benitez are now here. They’re a couple from Argentina who were living in the States and will be in Concepcion until it turns into a stake. Then we had our interviews Saturday in the morning. We had a good talk. He was asking how I liked it in Concepción and how I was doing. He mentioned that my Spanish was fluid which made me feel good :). After all the interviews I and Elder Arzate left with President to go visit a less active ex-missionary and talk to him. He mentioned that his mom was sick so alongside President I got to anoint the oil and participate in the blessing. The spirit was so strong!! Then we went to go look at the Rama 2 chapel.... or should I say ex-bakery that we rent (that is my new meeting house.... without A.C.) and the land that the church owns across the street. Then we went to go eat lunch with President, Hermana and Bro. & Sis. Benitez. Then we went to go teach a piano class and we had 3 people there practicing (our Elders quorum pres, wife and friend). When I got here the Elders quorum president was a little less active, and after some lessons and passing by his house, he and his wife have a date when they want to go to the temple to get sealed! Then later on Saturday at 5 there was a leadership meeting with Pres. Madariaga and he wanted the missionaries to go too. He mentioned how the missionaries serving in Concepción are the some of the most obedient missionaries in the mission which once again made me feel all good inside. He mentioned other good things about the missionaries too but I don't want to turn a blessing into pride. He basically mentioned how it now is a privilege to get sent to Concepcion because he wants a stake in Concepcion as fast as he can. So he is being careful who he sends here (which makes me feel a little comfort that I will have a good companion coming up).
This Wednesday is when we have changes so I will be getting my new companion this day. Thursday is the day that Elder Hanchett´s parents are coming. Let me know if you guys are still planning to come down here and if you have sent a letter to President
I haven't received any package yet so hopefully it is still there!
My District leader, Élder Canales from Chile, is beside me and says ¨Hi¨.
I miss going to the temple! I really do, especially now that I am super far away. Our Elders Quorum president is planning to go to the temple the week of Feb 15 and around then we have zone conference so if they both land on the same day I have permission to go with them.
Thanks for all you guys do for me, I really do enjoy all the letters I receive and the emails every week. I love you all!!!!!
Thanks, Grandma, for the letter. Tell Steph that I'm proud of her and that's awesome!!! Tell Grandma Happy Birthday for me.
Envien mi amor a toda la famila por favor. (Translation – “Send my love to the whole family, please”)
Love, Élder Lucas Rodgers
P.S. I think senior couples are awesome and I am so stoked to work with them. Elder Benitez just came in asking us if we would prefer to use bicycles and if enough people ask for them he will personally ask for them from President, which is AWESOME!!!! if we had them hahaha.

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