Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 23, 2011

Hola Familia,

It feels like a loss that Grandpa is gone, but the hope that we have to see him again takes away the pains. I know we will be able to see Grandpa again. He was an amazing man and lived an honorable life. I think he is playing golf as we speak.

Like I said we will be getting our changes tonight, so exciting!!! This change went by sooooo fast and I am so happy we could have a miracle baptism!! Seriously, when I first met the lady she could barely walk. It was super hard to get out of bed and to sit down, and her husband didn't have a steady job. We always promised her blessings (when I was with Elder Meneses) but she never came to church. We even planned to have a taxi come by their house. Until one Sunday (when I was with Elder Salvatierra) when we were in the church and we heard someone entering the old bakery where we have our meetings. It was Jorge and Mirta!!!! I didn't know if I was dreaming or what happened. She accepted a baptismal date because she had heard all the lessons when the elders were teaching Jorge. Needless to say she has a lot more health now. She can do more things around the house. A miracle has passed in their lives!! Then after the baptism on Sunday there was a priesthood conference (there are some pictures of people from rama 2 and rama 1 that I am sending). The youth that is in a suit's name is José and the youth without a suit and holding the Canadian flag is Christian, who in about 10 days is leaving to go on his mission to Perú. He is soo excited. Jorge was sustained to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood and after the meeting he was ordained an elder. WHAT A MIRACLE!!! In a year from now they can go to the temple!

I have a question for grandma. I need a recipe for granola, the cereal that she makes so that I can try to make it here. I believe that everything can be found here too.

I love you guys soo much and know the Plan of Salvation is real.

Con amor y muchisimo cariño,

Élder Lucas Rodgers

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