Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 1, 2011

Hey Family!

Sounds like it was a good farewell. I have sent a letter to Spencer. I’m not sure if he has mentioned anything. It was a good 3-4 weeks ago. Well good news - we have been teaching and working a FULL SCHEDULE!!!!!!!!! and it really is noticed when I wake up in the morning and my companion tells me that I sat up in my sleep and started teaching the lessons in Spanish, of course hahahaha. Multiple nights I have been sleep walking, teaching, praying, exercising hahahaha. I understand when they tell you that the work should be part of you, ha ha.
We have Ramon Ortega with an invitation to be baptized this Saturday, and Rafaela Rivas also. We will see. They still are missing some things but I know that by Saturday they will be ready. The topic came up with Ramos that the family is eternal. He has a hard time believing that.... what a chupa (cheap) doubt! The second Sunday when he was at church in priesthood meeting that came out as a doubt. There was a returned missionary there that explained a little bit to him. After church Edgar (ex-missionary) was commenting something to us about the Dead Sea Scrolls. It was a topic that I had heard about but the actual topic and information was unfamiliar. Yesterday we had a FHE with his family to help the inactive brothers; although they did not come.... We talked about missionary work with the family then Edgar got out a paper called "Los Escritos del Mar Muerto"
(The Writings of the Dead Sea) and wow, it was interesting. I’m not sure if you guys have heard of that.
Today I will buy the shirts and we’ll see how they turn out. Hopefully there are no "I don’t like that color" haha. Well all is well here in Paraguay. I am sending a picture of another plaque (nametag) that I got this week. Look carefully there are 3 different languages there, Portuguese, Spanish, Guarani.
You guys will have to send me pictures because I am 100% sure that Dad will be hiking! Enjoy it. We are hiking down here on rock roads. The only thing missing are mountains but while we were going to Yby Yau there was some great scenery. If you google it you may be able to find pictures of the landscape. Try Amambay, Paraguay scenery or "cerros" (hills), something like that,
We had a great meeting with President. I am excited to use what we learned to help and find more and more people!
With love from a cold, rainy, foggy, humid Pedro Juan Caballero!
Love Elder Lucas Rodgers

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