Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 10, 2011

Hola familia! Cómo Están!

Bueno todo está bien aquí en Palma Loma. (All is well here in Palma Loma.) Estamos enseñando a una familia. (We are teaching a family.) Me hace feliz! (It makes me happy.) Estamos enseñándoles en la casa de una familia de miembros quienes son demasiado especiales. (We are teaching at the house of a family of members who…too many…special.) También tenemos otros personas. (Also we have got other people.) But we are having a great time, we are working hard!

I have to mention something that happened a while ago. I ran out of contact lenses and so I am using my glasses, my older glasses.

I will be taking a lot of the General conference messages from your email.

That missionary with the blue tie is Elder Hill on his last day

I really don't know anything about the Visa card thing.

SO big news, we went to the temple on Friday!!!!!!!!!! AND OH MY GOSH!!!!! I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!!!!!! I don't know why my attitude has changed so so so so so so so so so so much. My love for the temple has increased. I can’t wait till the temple is ready in Calgary. I would love to be able to go every week. I am kind of jealous when I have companions that have a temple so close to their house.

Elder Radmall is from Utah, from Lindon, which is about an hour south of Salt Lake City.

I was thinking of picking up some last things from Paraguay, some things here in Luque so if you could put some money in my account, I would like to take some out today. Ask my grandparents if there is anything that they would like from Paraguay.

I am sending another recording that I recorded today.

The quote that Dad sent made me think of a quote that D. Todd Christofferson said a while ago, "Life offers us two things-time, and the freedom to chose with our time what we will do."

To send to Elder Bennett: bring a warm sweater, preferably black, and shoes that have great soles. Get a testimony of the Book of Mormon and don't worry about the language, just love the brothers and sisters from Paraguay. See them how God sees them. Love them as God loves them.

So when does Ethan enter the MTC?

When is Canadian Thanksgiving, I forgot. I’m jealous of the PUMPKIN PIE!!!!! Put some in the fridge, haha, just kidding. Well thanks for everything! I haven’t gotten the letter with the temple recommend holders yet but I have faith it will come.


Elder Lucas Rodgers

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