Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011


Well, we had a good week and a miracle! SOOOO much to say and so little time.

We have been working with a man named Ramón, interesting how men with that name always seem to be in my investigator pool, haha but, Elder Hill and his last companion had been working with him. With them he read the ENTIRE Book of Mormon!!!!! in like 2 days!!! (so it is possible, and in Spanish is it like 100 pages more than in English only because of the translation). So that is AWESOME! But he never wanted to commit to coming to church. So Tuesday, (I think) we gave him a strong invitation and were very clear that if he believes the book of Mormon to be true the church as well will be true. He then said ¨Well if I go I don’t want to be asked to saying anything.¨ So we said, “That is perfect, you can go sit down and listen.” JUSTO, (exactly, precisely) it was stake conference! So Presidente Madariaga was there with his wife, Pres. Udall from the Temple, and an area 70. When Presidente Madariaga talked about baptism it really touched Ramón so I think there is a great chance that he can get baptized before I leave which makes me SOOOO HAPPY!!!

The pictures are of our zone when we went to the temple. It is a very poor quality photo but there is also one of Elder Richins and I. He was a missionary who came with me in the MTC but the last week he had to go home for some reason and a year later came back and he is in my zone, which is really cool. And there’s a picture of Elder Radmall and I.

My companion knows how to bake rollos de canela! Cinnamon rolls! MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

Felicidades Cassidy!!! That is great news!!

So mom and dad, I actually have already sent a letter to myself, well not sent but written. I have forgotten what it talks about. It will be cool to read it in a couple of weeks.

You were mentioning something last week that had to do with when I will be released as a missionary. For me there is no rush. I don’t really know what the church's stand on it is but I would love to wear that plaque for as long as I can. So if they can't do it that first day it is not a problem with me.

I LOVE you guys SO much and am having a great last while here in the mission, I have a wonderful companion that always lets me know how much time I still have here.....hahahaha. I sent a recording we did yesterday



Elder Lucas Rodgers

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