Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17, 2011

Hola Familia!

So today we had a cool experience. This week we had interviews with Pres. Madariaga and at the end of my interview I asked if it would be possible to visit Kennedy and he said yes so here I am emailing in Kennedy. I saw some old converts and old members and, wow, it felt like I was back at home (the smell included) haha. You were mentioning a little about love and it is SO true. I felt a great love for all of them. There were two people who were working who I wanted to see, Victor, and Hermano Sotelo, but they were both working. The Hermano could have been there but I didn't say I was coming. It was going to be a surprise so he left to go to work, DANG IT! Oh well.

So today I received my flight plans. I’m not a trunky though. (Trunky=thinking about home and wanting to be home). I just got them in the mail with the temple recommend holders you sent so I will be busy on sending those out to people. Thanks a million for them.

It has been an interesting week. We have been working and not seeing much fruit so I have decided that I am going to be sacrificing and consecrating even more to get miracles. I am trying to do my best to grow and trying to make every day count. I will be honest, there are many times during the week when I think about my mission and really think to myself, ¨I do not want to go home¨. But if I don't go home I can't get married, haha.

You need to tell me where Lauren is going to be getting married because while we are there in California I was thinking of visiting the family of Elder Arzate. I could get those addresses while I’m here and see if he lives close and go pay a visit when we get there. Question: Is Lauren coming to Canada in November or will she stay in California until the wedding?

So I will have the suit that I have now to come home with and Dad mentioned that there is one from Grandpa in the closet waiting for me that could work. I am planning on giving my clothes to Sister Madariaga because she cleans them and fixes them, or has some one do it, and gives them to future missionaries here. I am thinking then I will come back with one shirt and my suit and some clothes that I have acquired here in the mission.

I just got a package from the Somerset primary, a C.D. of them singing. It is really nice. THANKS!!!! to whoever sent it. I could not see a sender’s name. All I saw was “Elder Justin Watt” and I was a little confused. Maybe he sent it, not sure.

I am sending a picture of me and Elder Paterson. He is from the South Stake. Send the picture to Josh Hunter. He knows him. How is Alex Cobb doing on his papers? Is he still planning on sending them in?

Did Cassidy have a baby????

So now Davis has 2 kids! WOW I need to meet them

When we were visiting the family today, who were the first family that I met in Paraguay, I was trembling and very in awe because about 1 year and 5-6 months have passed and there are new kids and BIG babies, kids running that couldn't walk before. I am scared that I will not recognize many people and I think I am going to be REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELYYYY awkward so LO SIENTO !!!!! (I’m sorry).

Now, I need a count. How many new relatives will I have???

It is interesting that there is an Elder Bennett from Canada that JUST got into the mission, so in 2 months there will be two Elder Bennetts from Canada, haha.

Was there any response from Alvarez or Canales (the two letters I sent in Spanish.) Palma Loma is where Elder Alvarez started his mission.

Well I think that about covers it,

LOVE YOU ALL! Pray for all of you,

Elder Lucas Kenneth Rodgers

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