Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 15,2009

¿Comó esta?
Well, doing lessons in English is no more. Everything is now in español, pero, está bien. I got the (Christmas) package yesterday night so I have to wait a while to open it haha. está bien. So guess who is here, who I forgot would be here Taylor Cahoon. I have run into him a bunch, he has his meals the same time as I do so that’s cool. Umm sending a package home. I just need David´s address, and phone number, and my branch pres. will deliver it. I haven´t had a chance to call Visa but I will try to today. What do I need to ask them for? Well I can tell its good that I am not in Alberta, pero, I can´t tell the temp in ºC because everything is in ºF so. haha Spanish is pretty good and I can tell the gift of tounges is verdad. haha. We have a lot of miracles here and learning to teach and rely on the spirit. On Sunday I gave a talk in Español. Llet me give a little backgound. every week we are given a topic to write a talk on something, and everyweek they call up two missionaries to give a talk. But you don´t know that you are giving a talk until they say ¨We would like to hear first from Elder-Sister and then from Elder-Sister¨ So I heard my name and then had to go up haha, but it was all good (Está Bien) Not much has changed. The food gets old but its alright. I have heard bad things about the orange juice so I don´t have it that often. I sent a memory card home but I think I might have sent the wrong one haha. so sorry about that. Well I am leaving some time here to respond later today.

Love , Elder Lucas Rodgers

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