Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29, 2009

Wow, so much has happened in the past week!!
But first I will start with your questions. That picture was taken after the surgery and it was at Peters, I believe. It was June-ish but not 100% sure.
I got my drivers license and my Visa and I activated it and took $40 out. So see how things work from your side of things.
OK! Now its my turn. haha. So now we have had Elder Holland, Elder Oaks, Elder Anderson, and Elder Perry. Elder Parry was here for Christmas Day and Elder Anderson was here the Tuesday before. I got front row with Elder Anderson.
(Oh you told me that I spelled "Christ" wrong and "Christmas". Let me explain two things. 1. in Spanish the ¨H¨s are not pronounced, e.g., Hola is pronounced "ola" and 2. +---Jesus Christ is spelled Jesucristo.

I got my travel plans. They are as follows:
12:10 pm leave SLC
3:45 pm arrive in Dallas Ft. Worth

7:35 pm leave Dallas Ft. Worth
9:05 am arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina

10:10 pm leave Buenos Aires
10:50 pm arrive in Asuncion, Paraguay

Now if you look close, we have a 13 hour lay over in Buenos Aires!!
so that will be interesting. So I am going to call from either Dallas or Buenos Aires. I would like to call from Dallas but we are not there for too long, but it is cheaper. So dearelder me and tell me your opinion. I will buy some calling cards while I am here.

I really enjoy getting letters on how you guys are doing. I'm getting excited to get to Paraguay and to be immersed in Spanish. For that will be a great way to learn the language. In the R.C. I made some calls in Spanish. I soon realized how much more I need to learn in Spanish haha. But I am not worried. Our teachers are great. I will miss the MTC but it will be good to get out to the field. I got a letter from the Cree´s. Tell them thank you for me. I love being here and I love the feeling of understanding people when they talk in Spanish. I have learned so much, I am slowly starting to be able to get my point across through talking and it is a great feeling. Well I still have about 13 min so I will check back, and if I have any more to write I will have time to do so.

Love Elder Lucas Rodgers

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