Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 22, 2009

¿Como Esta?
Well two weeks till Paraguay! Starting to get more excited!! Well Visa card is coming in the mail, I am expecting to get it within the next few days. Everything is good here. I sent 2 memory cards home, one with no pictures that I got mixed up on and the other one that has them in it. So I don´t know what will happen with those or if you have gotten them already.

I have a message for Austin if he is still in town. If you could send him this message ¨Jenni has a hat of mine and if you could get it and bring it when he comes that would be great!, and the memory cards if they made it there¨. Well Matt is in his mission field, (that was fast). Pero, Ésta Bien. I got a letter from the Cree´s. Thank them for that from me. And a dearelder from Grandma and Grandpa Rodgers. I can´t wait to update them with all the things that are going on here. So much has happened. Me and Elder Jolley have been following up with Kristin and we committed her to going to church and we are trying to get ahold of her to see how it was. She was telling us about a ¨dream¨ she was having. SDhe was feeling that she was being led down a dark hallway by Christ and she felt lost and confused, She had read up to 1 Nefi 6. Last Friday, the first thing that popped into my mind was 1 Nefi 8 when Lehi was lost and confused being led by a man in white robes in a mist of darkness. She loved that and said that is was exactly what she was seeing every time she prayed about either the Book of Mormon, or what we had told her. Man, ¡¡¡La Iglasia Es Verdada!!!

Well Christmas in 3 days haha, well all I have to say is that I gave you a Christmas present on November 4th. haha. And I keep forgetting to write it but mom I hope you found something I left for you in the big map in the car. I forgot about it. But if you can find it, there is something there for you. I can´t wait to open the Christmas present.

It being Christmas time we are having one of the first presidency coming to speak to us either, President Monson or president Uchtdorf. They don´t tell us but all I know is that I was waiting 2 hours for Elder Holland so I will be waiting for a while.

In one of your letters you said you need a photocopy of my Social insurance number, passport, birth certificate. I only have my S.S.N. because the travel office took my passport. They called me down and had me give it to them. So I may be able to go and get a copy. but I will need a fax number to send it to.

I am kind of jealous of people who are going to a place where sending and receiving mail is not a problem. But I know that as soon as I get there, I will love it. I will be buying a calling card and calling from the airport. Another thing is I can use regular Visa card here so make sure to check that account. I have only taken out $20 so its not too bad.

My companion said that he is happy being here for Christmas because all the temples are closed and this is probably the next sacred place where we could be for Christmas. So I really enjoy this time I have to be here. And Iknow that I will have to miss 2 Christmases some time, so lets get the first one out of the way.

I love you guys and I want to send my love to everyone there. Christmas is a time of giving, and that is what we do here. We serve. I love it here. My District is awesome and our teachers are just as awesome. I love the chance to serve the Lord. A quote I saw here and now love is ¨Missionary (noun) Someone who leaves their family for a short period of time, so that others, can be with their family for eternity¨. I love this church, I love the chance I have to serve the Lord in his great work. The gift of tongues is real!. I love you guys.

Love Elder Lucas Rodgers

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