Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 2, 2010

Hola Familia!
Ha-upeí Mba´e tekopio che familia kuera? (un poco Guarani)
WOW, what a week. We have been trabajando a ful! We had 6 baptisms!!! It was awesome and each person had someone else to baptize them. Me and my comp baptized two youth, Cynthia and Andrea (I wish I could say there were 10 converts) but 12 people in white, well you’ll see the picture. Then we had 6 confirmations in church. We were running around with the people all week. We took a bus Saturday to Arroyes Y Esteros (see a map of Paraguay on Google) to get more white clothes so it was a hectic day. We made banana bread in the morning. But the day turned out okay. Tomorrow we find out if we have transfers. I don’t really want to go because this next week we are working on moving into another house, the direct neighbour of the chapel here. It’s awesome. The house is small but everything is outdoors. There are chairs outside and table to eat haha, and the kitchen is outside, and a fan is outside so in the high of summer it would be awesome. This is Elder Alvarez's last change so he is ready to go home.
Today I ended up getting about 9 letters. I think they got misplaced and sent to the wrong zone then sent back, but thanks. I really enjoy the letters. I got my first letter about the adventures of Elder Bishop haha. I got the package with the hymn book Friday. I kept the tie with the bikes and I am eating the sunflower seeds right now haha. I got the wedding invitation from aunt Deb. (THANKS!! )
The Assistants are coming this week to look at the new house so I will ask them about the shoes then. I don’t know who that big thing with the blue head was, only they were handing out things about H1N1. That’s my sweater that I bought for the winter, It works quite well. The parrot is at the house of Cynthia and Andrea, recent converts. Thanks for everything! There is a picture of me and a bunch of wet white clothing, a great missionary picture haha
Love Élder Lucas Rodgers

p.s. I forgot about Canada Day :(

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