Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30, 2010

Hola Familia!!!
Como esta la mejor familia del mundo!!!???
Wow, it really is weird that August is ending. Now we are going to be entering summer times-2! I don't know how much I am looking forward to it but it is the time of the Lord that I am here so I will suffer if I have to, haha. Another thing, I was reading the letter you sent about the talk of Jordan Crane. He said there were sometimes he felt he was in the middle of the refiner’s fire. Ya, I feel the flames too!!!!!!
It’s funny I have been meeting a lot of elders that have less time than me, a lot more than usual. Actually, this week I went on divisions with a new missionary. It’s the second time I worked a day in my area as the senior companion. My comp went to another area for the day and I had to do everything. It was really fun! I really feel my Spanish has improved with Élder Alvarez because 24/7 I am with Latin Americans, plus I feel really tall, haha.
Sorry, I had troubles with this computer to start so I lost some time. I had to write this letter, but I got my first letter from Élder Bishop and it took 15 days to get here. I think I will be sending him one back this week. It’s really fast! There is a picture that I am sending that we can have his parents forward to him. It’s a picture that I took when we went to the South American Confederation of Fútbol.
This Sunday we went again to N. Colombia. We are planning to start a small sacrament meeting there in the afternoon and invite people. So we are thinking that when we finish there, there will be a small branch that could get bigger. Like last Sunday we gave the sacrament. We were with one of our converts, ¨Junior¨. He went with us and blessed the sacrament.
In the photos there is a type of jewelry that is only found in Paraguay. Its called
“Filigrana” (or something like that). Its really cool. I am thinking of buying some for people back home like Mom, Ragan, Lauren. In another photo those kids are a family that we are working with, their older brother Junior just got baptized
One thing, about 2 weeks ago I got a letter from Jessica in Okotoks. But I was not given a return address so if you can find that out for me I would be able to reply.
I got your letter about wanting to come down at the end of my mission and I think that’s a really cool idea but I think it is only allowed for about 1 week. You should talk to the parents of Elder Hanchett. They are planning on doing that. See what they are going to do. The thing that he mentioned to me was he wanted to go to the temple and go through a session then have a taxi take his parents to the next session and would reunite with his parents in the celestial room. I think that would be really special. But it’s still a long time away so I think you could start saving money just in case. Thanks for having all the family write something in the past letters. It’s really cool to hear from everybody. I love everybody, and say hi to everyone for me.
I tried making chili this week but I didn't cook the beans long enough and they were still crunchy so it didn’t work :( , but I still have the taco flavoring. Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!! I love you guys so much!!! The church is true!!!
Love, Élder Lucas Rodgers

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