Thursday, August 26, 2010

August 23, 2010

Hola Como esta,
Wow, that sounds so fun! Three Crown! Tell them that they have to do that summer of 2012! (Well if the world has not ended yet, haha, just kidding) The date of September 15 isn't Elder Alvarez's birthday, it is his day to leave. His birthday is tomorrow, the 24th. So we will be going to the office for changes on the 15th. Anyways so we can hope the package is there. Usually they bring packages to district meetings, so we will see.
I will warn you guys that I bought a new suit today. It cost Gs 380.000 or about $75 - $80. I love it. I feel so thin, haha, but my other one is really big on me now so I am thinking of giving it someone here. Let me know what you think.
We had an okay week but Sunday ended really well. We went to this place called Nueva Columbia and met the 4 members there. We talked to them and asked them if there was anything we could do for them. The first thing they asked for was the sacrament, which was really special to hear. So I blessed the bread and I kneeled down in the dirt and said the prayer and the spirit was so strong. One of the ladies, her expression about the sacrament was so powerful. It was an experience that I will never forget.
There are a few other families there in N. Columbia that we will visit the next Sunday. We hope that one Sunday we can have a sacrament meeting in their house, because 2 of the ladies can’t walk very far and they live out in the fields.
But today we went to a place all about soccer in South America. History about all the countries in South America. I took some pictures of the Chile things to show Elder Bishop some time.
Saturday like last week we dug a big hole for the family of Mary and Humberto. It was getting really big but we came across a bunch of big rocks and had to stop. Emboscada is known as the City of Rocks. There are so many rocks here haha.
That picture of David and Diantha, is that Picture Rock on the trail of Carthew????
And why is Tanner’s shirt green?? Tanner is going to be taller than me when I get back!

The pictures: circle - Mary Y Humberto
Square - Agustin
big bug on my nametag
trip to Nueva Columbia with Bruno (Ward mission leader) and Oscar (recent convert)

Elder Luke Rodgers

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