Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 15, 2011

Hey Family!
WOW, sounds like you guys are having a blast! You guys had better have some good hikes planned for next year!!! It was funny, last night I had horrible stomach problems, so after our last visit we booked it home because I knew I would have to use the bathroom. I was walking fast and my companion and Rodrigo at times had to jog/run to catch up to me. I had one goal in mind...... hahahahaha, so it looks like I’m ready for the mountains but that will still be in about one year unless there are some good winter hikes haha.
We had a family come to church! They are not married YET!!!!! WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! (Evil cry) We are going to be working with them along with 2 other families, one being Ramon. We are going to be working with his wife, BECAUSE....... there was a baptism/wedding in rama 5 and the zone leaders’ phone is gone so the missionary called me to give the interview. We gave Ramon a call to invite him and he said the he would go! He went with his wife. During the wedding he mentioned that marriage was a mistake and so we are planning some things to teach.
This change has gone by SOOO fast. Here in the mission days go by like hours, weeks go by like days, and months go by like weeks..... It is scary. I CANNOT believe that we are in the middle of Augusto. Last Monday the office called me asking me at what airport I wanted to land so that was fast that they forwarded it to you.
That is great to hear how all the family is doing! I am happy that you are all doing well!
Sorry for the short letter. I think I will take out a little money soon because I am almost broke. Thanks for everything!
Love from the south!
Elder Lucas Rodgers

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