Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011

Hola familia!
Well we had a good week but we are back in the cold :(. We were planning for the baptism of Ramon this week then it came down to the interview and he has some doubts still so we are going to continue to work with him. We had a great Sunday. A lot of less active members came to church, 55 people in total. Then we had a branch council!!!! finally! We got things going. We are going to be working with the members this week and working a ful! This week we moved so now we are living behind some members in a new house that they built! So that is great. It is a brand new house. (When I say house I mean 2 rooms - a bathroom and a kitchen and room for tables.)

We have the family of Andres y Christina and yesterday we went to their house and they showed a couple of doubts. They did not like how in Relief Society and Priesthood they had to separate from each other (which is the first time that someone has said that about the church). Also we have been hearing a lot of stuff about the Sabbath day, if it is Saturday or Sunday (not from them but others). Sometimes I am just soooo grateful for modern revelation. It just helps soo much to understand!!!!!

Well I will answer your questions. Really the invitations of who will be there and when they get there would be great. I don’t have anything against that.

You guys have mentioned that you want me to think of things that I would like to study. See what you can find about teaching Spanish and Music. I don’t know - maybe in junior high or something. Something that Elder Thomson told me is start a Spanish immigration program. It would be a big undertaking. The basic thing is that I love the Spanish language and want to continue to study it and apply it. I feel the Lord had me learn it for some reason more than my mission. Also I have thought a lot about trying to learn French because after learning one language I have heard that the 2nd is easier. And I have always thought about teaching music. Those are two things that I really love. I’m not sure if you could find classes about those topics. I love you guys soo much and always pray that God may bless you all.

Love Elder Lucas Rodgers

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